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Ashley Graham Marks Joyous 13th Wedding Anniversary



Celebrating a significant milestone, Ashley Graham, the 35-year-old model, and her husband Justin Ervin mark 13 years of wedded bliss. Sharing an enchanting moment from their current Italian vacation on her Instagram, Ashley captioned the photo with a charming reference to the movie “13 Going on 30,” reminiscent of Jennifer Garner’s iconic film. “13 going on forever, I love you Justin,” she tenderly expressed, adding, “Happy anniversary 🤍.”

The photograph captures the couple in an intimate gaze, situated on a boat in a serene marina, while a picturesque Italian town serves as the backdrop. Justin, aged 34, opted for red patterned shorts and stylish black sunglasses, while Ashley stood out elegantly in a vibrant yellow cover-up dress, featuring a halter-neck design.

The sentiment was reciprocated as Justin Ervin shared his wife’s heartwarming post on his Instagram Story, emphasizing their profound connection with the words, “THIS IS US ❤️ I LOVE YOU.” He also shared another image of their entwined hands, showcasing their enduring gold wedding rings, accompanied by the endearing caption, “❤️13❤️.”

Their journey began in 2009 when they crossed paths at a church, culminating in an engagement in June 2010 and a blissful wedding just two months later. Today, their love story is enriched further with the presence of their three children: 3-year-old son Isaac Menelik Giovanni and twin sons Malachi and Roman, both 2 years old.