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Alleged Indian Spy and Local Accomplice Apprehended in Karachi


LAHORE MIRROR — Authorities in the historic Old City area of Karachi have successfully apprehended an alleged Indian spy, alongside a Pakistani facilitator.

According to the details, the detained individual, identified as Akhil Dev, is facing accusations of engaging in espionage activities on behalf of India. This incident has unveiled a sensitive breach of security that holds the potential for significant implications on bilateral relations.

The operation took place under the jurisdiction of the Kalakot police station in Lyari, and it resulted in the discovery of substantial incriminating evidence. Among the seized items were two Indian passports, firearms, and foreign currency amounting to five lakhs. Additionally, the authorities recovered counterfeit jewelry boxes, six mobile phones, a tablet, and a variety of documents from the suspects.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) City, Arif Aziz, emphasized that this arrest underscores the dedication and resolute commitment of Pakistani law enforcement agencies in safeguarding national security interests. Aziz also confirmed that ongoing investigations are aimed at apprehending any potential accomplices associated with the accused, highlighting a comprehensive endeavor to dismantle the espionage network.

This startling revelation has sparked inquiries into the extent of foreign intelligence operations in Pakistan, particularly within Karachi—a bustling metropolis of historical significance and strategic importance.