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6 Dead, 5 Injured as Passenger Van Veers off Bridge in Mansehra


LAHORE MIRROR – Tragedy struck on Saturday in Mansehra as a passenger van, travelling along the route connecting Battagram’s Thakot area to the Hazara Motorway, veered off a bridge. Among the victims were two women, while five others sustained injuries.

The van was en route from Battagram’s Allai tehsil to Mansehra when the accident occurred in the Hathimera area.

The driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle, resulting in the fatal plunge.

A rescue team swiftly arrived at the scene to extract the deceased and injured from the ditch where the van had fallen.

The bodies and injured individuals were transported to King Abdullah Teaching Hospital in Mansehra.

The authorities assured that proper medico-legal procedures would be followed before releasing the bodies to the families.

This incident follows a similar one earlier this month, in which 21 members of a family from Peshawar were injured when their wagon overturned on the Mansehra-Naran-Jalkhad Road.

The family was on a tourist trip to Kaghan Valley from Peshawar when the accident occurred due to the driver losing control while negotiating a sharp turn in the Sangar area of Balakot.