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WHO Says 21 Percent Girls In Pakistan Get Married Before Age 18


LAHORE MIRROR (Monitoring Desk)– A recent report issued by the World Health Organization states that more than 140 million underage girls are likely to get married between the years 2011-2020.

Titled, “Demographics of child marriages in Pakistan”, the report states that child marriage remains a serious concern in Pakistan, with 21 per cent of the girls getting married before reaching the age of 18 especially in the rural areas.

The formal marriage or informal marriage occurs before the age of 18 throughout the world, the report said. However, being forced into marriage before one was able to give consent, violates the basic human rights of boys and girls, it added.

The report further that the percentage of child marriage remained high in Sindh, with 72 per cent girls and 25 per cent boys becoming victims to this menace, however, the highest number of girl child marriages were recorded in the tribal areas of Pakistan, with 99 per cent girls married under this unlawful traditional practice.