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World’s Youngest Female Premier Sanna Marin Weds Her Life-Long Partner


LAHORE MIRROR (Monitoring Desk)– Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who is the world’s youngest serving head of government, walked the aisle with her long-term partner, Markus Raikkonen, a former Finnish footballer, Sky News reported on Monday.

The 34-year-old young leader shared photographs of her on her Instagram account, where the couple was seen posing together while holding a bunch of white flowers.

“I am happy and grateful that I get to share my life with the man I love,” she wrote in a post on Instagram.

The wedding took place at Kesaranta — the prime minister’s official residence — on Saturday and was attended by the couple’s family and closest friends, Finland’s government said.

The couple has been together since they were teenagers and have a two-year-old daughter, read the news report.

Marin became Finland’s prime minister in December and was the world’s youngest serving head of government at the time.