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Uber Driver Abducted Female Passenger To Boost Fare, Pleads Guilty

Harbir Parmar of Queens claimed $3,600 in bogus charges


LAHORE MIRROR (Monitoring Desk)– An Uber driver, who had kidnapped a sleeping passenger after driving her more than 60 miles from her destination to boost his fare, has pleaded guilty.

The woman passenger had awakened to find the driver “with his hand under her shirt”, court records said, and when she had tried to call for help, he had grabbed her phone

She had then fled, only to find herself in Connecticut instead of New York.

Complaining to Uber, she discovered the trip’s destination had been changed to Boston, incurring a $1.047 (£795) fare.

During interviews with police, the driver, Harbir Parmar, of Queens, confessed to a series of ride-rigging offences, which had netted him more than $3,600 in bogus charges.

He will be sentenced in June this year and could face life imprisonment for the kidnapping offence.

US attorney Geoffrey Berman said Parmar had “terrorised” his victim and would be “held accountable”.

“What’s been reported is horrible and something no person should go through,” an Uber spokesman told technology news website The Register.

“As soon as the company became aware, we immediately removed this individual’s access to the platform,” he said.