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The Spirit of Shahadat

The Spirit of Shahadat


By Ali Anwaar

Even today, the motherland and the people of this land are always ready to repay the debt of soil on the palm of their hands. This is the reason why the enemy is afraid of us even today, because these children have always obeyed their Motherland and the sacred soil by destroying the evil intentions of the enemy.  Since the creation of Pakistan, millions of people have performed unprecedented feats of bravery and courage by sacrificing their lives and offering pure blood while protecting the land of Pakistan. Today, the existence of this country is the result of the sacrifices of these martyrs. There is a long list of youths of Pakistan forces who have sacrificed themselves for the protection of their motherland i.e. the geographical and ideological borders of this country. We see POF slogan is meaningful “We provide force to the forces”.  Actually these factories are the backbone of defense in Pakistan and because of their role they prick in the eyes of the enemies. The spirit witnessed in these factories is very awesome. They say, we make weapons for the Ghazis and we equip the Shaheeds.

From 1947 until now, the martyrs of the country who were born on the land of Pakistan have sacrificed their lives by making eternal stories of martyrdom, which will be remembered forever, and the list of the martyrs of Pakistan, who sacrificed themselves for the country, is full of heroic stories. They will always be alive and standing in the pages of history as our heroes. Thus, since 1947, a large number of soldiers came forward to stand before their Allah while performing their duties in different operations. Thousands of brave men were martyred while defending their Motherland.

But from the summary of the situation, it is intended to say that the sacrifices of our dear soldiers for the homeland Pakistan and its security and stability related institutions or those concerned people who defend their homeland even in the most desperate and difficult situation can never be forgotten. A soldier busy fighting doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice his life in fulfilling this duty.

The narrative behind this series of sacrifices is the Spirit of Shahadat, the Slogan of Allaho Akbar, the spirit that this life belongs to Allah and should be sacrificed for Allah. The spirit to become a Martyr is to attain a life forever. To become Allah’s chosen one. This is the philosophy behind every Shaheed, their families and the nation. No fear of Death!

There was a boy who felt a burning desire to do something meaningful of lasting impact for his nation. An act of service which could forever etch his undying love for his motherland & it’s people. Though he belonged to his family, but he felt he owed his existence to people. His sense of responsibility set him on the path of discovery. The young man’s strife eventually led him to his true destination: to be defender of his land. His passion drove him to remote destinations,  harshest weather & unfavorable conditions & yet the fire in him was undying.

Every day he left his home with bigger sense of purpose knowing the path ahead is lethal & unforgiving. But thousands of prayers & expectations of his people fueled his passion even more. He waited with bated breath when he could render one great sacrifice for his nation: his life. For he knew a momin’s true purpose is Shahadat.  One day Allah gave him what he yearned for. Dripping in blood, taking his last breath, he finally found peace & sense of fulfillment.

Pak Army, it is considered to be one of best Army’s, ranked as “9th most powerful mil” in world. No one can doubt about professionalism and capability which has always remained most well managed, disciplined and responsive.

Since creation, Pak Army has fought no of conventional wars, other than war against tsm successfully. Nation will never forget huge sacrifices made by soldiers and officers in battle field for love of their motherland. Always in fewer budgets and ltd tech, Pak Army has produced great results against all challenges and whole world admitted professionalism and expertise. Pak Army has played a constrictive role allover country particularly in remote areas of like GB, FATA, Chitral and Blochistan, through construct of roads, education facilities, water sup schemes, med facilities and various other welfare initiatives. From unnerving earthquake to debilitating floods or painstakingly crucial polio campaigns to enforcement of pub safety measures in midst of pandemic or Awareness campaign’s to  among sister forces our AFs have always been available to share burden with pride.

Author Of this article ALi Anwaar is a Famous Columnist.