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Tender Process For Food Stalls At Karachi Zoo Should Be Completed Soon For Visitors: Afzal Zaidi


By Our Web Reporter

KARACHI– Metropolitan Commissioner Afzal Zaidi has said that the tender process for food stalls at Karachi Zoological and Botanical Gardens should be completed as soon as possible to provide maximum facilities to the visitors and They can also enjoy their favorite items.

There is a need to add more birds and animals to the zoo. The development work being carried out in the zoo under the mega project of the provincial government should be completed as soon as possible. He expressed these views while talking on the occasion of his visit to Karachi Zoological and Botanical Garden (Zoo). Senior Director Culture and Recreation Khursheed Shah, Director Zoo Khalid Hashmi and other concerned officers were also present on the occasion, Metropolitan Commissioner Afzal Zaidi said.

He visited the zoo in detail and inspected the animals and birds in different cages. He said that the sanitation environment in the zoo is good and it is a great pleasure to see the very ancient trees here. The trees are more than 200 years old, meters Political Commissioner Afzal Zaidi further said that along with the management of the zoo, it is also the responsibility of the visitors to keep the zoo clean and not to spread any kind of garbage during entertainment, as much as we take care. Gay Zoo will become even more beautiful, briefing Metropolitan Commissioner Afzal Zaidi, Director Zoo said that Karachi Zoo is the largest in the country with 40 per cent of its 33 acres being occupied by animals and birds. While 60 per cent is dedicated to green gardens, ponds, Mughal gardens, canteens and other facilities, he said, about 300,000 people visit the zoo annually, under a mega project by the provincial government. In the first phase of the works, the urban forest area including parking, ticket room, enclosure number four, seven, eight and adjoining front and rear roads in the corridor between gate number five and gate number two has been completed while underground. And ten washrooms in the toilet block, including the overhead tank, have been completed. Efforts will be made to complete in the fiscal year 2020/2021, including enclosure, admin block, bird’s nest, gate number one, landscaping, public awareness center and other works, Director Zoo added. He said that the old zoo in Karachi was built in 1870 and now has more than 850 different species of animals and birds. While there is a fish house and a reptile house adorned with beautiful fish, there is a boating facility as well as a special place for trains and Finland, he said, adding that the total number of small and large cages in the zoo is 125. An information desk has also been set up here so that visitors can get information about any of their lost belongings while direction boards and maps have also been hung in the zoo to reach various animals and birds. The house has one hundred and fifty year old trees including banyan, papaya, neem and tamarind trees While some of the banyan trees, which cover a very large area, are still re-emerging, and these ancient banyan trees are spreading further, adding to the beauty of the zoo. All the ancient trees were planted during the British rule.