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SOPs Prepared For Eid Al-Adha in Sindh, Says Nasir Hussain Shah


By Our Web Reporter

KARACHI–Minister of Information and Municipality Sindh Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said that the SoPs have been given final shape in the event of Eid al-Adha. Nasir Hussain Shah expressed these views while briefing about the steps taken by Eid al-Adha.

The provincial minister said the federal government has now formulated a policy to promote mass sacrifices on the bar-eid-e-Qarbaan, which will apply to all provinces.

In Sindh, we have also taken steps to organize mass sacrifices at specific places under the guidelines given by the federal government, which will allow for the sacrifice of the individual at specific places in all districts and to arrange sacrifices at each UC level. All deputy commissioners, MCs and municipal representatives will take steps to prevent the trend of individual sacrifice under mutual strategy. According to Nasir Shah, the Solid West department will take the responsibility of bringing the sacrifices to the landfill site and no one will be allowed to sacrifice on the road or highway.

“We have appealed to the public to prioritize the mass sacrifice organized by mosques, imams and schools in our areas to prevent both carona and filth,” the provincial minister said.

Nasir Hussain Shah appealed to the public to avoid public gatherings and rush essays in the wake of the country’s fragile situation and to perform eid prayers and other duties with caution.