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SNGPL Team Disconnects Illegal Gas Connection


LAHORE– The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) Special Task Force for UFG Control HO, has conducted a successful raid at Pharmanite Housing Scheme, Kamahan Road, Lahore and disconnected a domestic meter being used for commercial purpose.

Gas through domestic meter was being used in a well known hotel called Pharmanite Hotel , for operation of 4. No. 24 nozzles burners, 1 no. Tandoor, 2 no. 18 nozzles burners, 2 no. 12 nozles burners, 1 no.

Oven and 3 no. Domestic stoves. Gas meter has been disconnectd and sent to labortary for flow prooving. The case is being processed for booking of volume.

Moreover an application in local police station is also being submitted for lodging FIR against the consumer.— PRESS RELEASE