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SNGPL Reduces UFG Losses by 2.38%, Saves Rs1,572 Million


LAHORE– The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) is taking stern steps to control the Gas Losses resulting in significant reduction in %age UFG and volumetric losses of the Company.

The Company has reduced the Volumetric Loss by 3,285 MMCF and %age UFG by 2.38% (As on October-20) against the targets of the three-year UFG Reduction Plan approved by ECC. This reduction in gas losses has resulted in financial savings of Rs1,572 million.

One of the major achievements of SNGPL is 43% reduction in Average Monthly gas losses in High UFG areas from 1,424 MMCF to 810 MMCF “As on October-20” with the help of law enforcement agencies. The Company has made hectic efforts and has so far removed 1,311 illegal taps in these areas while 171 FIRs have been lodged during current Fiscal year.

The Company is carrying out all efforts to curtail the gas pilferage by the consumers through increased vigilance. As a result of increased vigilance, 18,748 gas theft cases have so far been detected which have resulted in booking of 519 MMCF amounting to Rs. 570 Million against consumers.

The Company is also focusing on replacement of underground leaking network and 190 km network has so far been replaced in current FY 2020-21, while an overall around 900 Km Network will be replaced. Moreover, SNGPL has also detected 320,353 aboveground and 13,384 underground leakages through laser leak detectors, which have been rectified accordingly.

The company is striving hard for rectification of Consumers’ Complaints and so far around 325,000 complaints have been satisfactorily rectified and consumers’ feedback is also being received through SMS services.— PRESS RELEASE