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Sindh Govt Yet to Release a Single Grain of Wheat to Flour Mills, Whole Burden of Supply on Punjab: Aleem


LAHORE– Senior Punjab Food Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said the Sindh government has not yet officially released a single grain of wheat to the flour mills while all the burden of wheat supply is on the Punjab government.

He added that for the last two months Punjab Government  has been supplying Rs. 1475 per mond wheat to flour mills to keep a bag of flour at Rs. 860 and in this regard, a subsidy of Rs.5.25 billion is being born as well.

In his exclusive talk, Senior & Food Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said that at present only the Punjab Government is officially releasing subsidized wheat. A 20 kg bag of flour worth Rs 860 is being sold in Punjab while the same is of worth Rs 1,400 in Karachi.

He said that the helpless Sindh Government is completely insensitive and it is not only unfavourable for the people of Sindh, but also unfortunate to the whole of Pakistan.

Senior Minister for Food Abdul Aleem Khan said that in order to reduce the prices, it was necessary to have a uniform release price of wheat across the country so that flour could be available to the citizens everywhere at the same price.

If wheat is released in other provinces to flour mills then the price of flour will come down as the situation is aggravated by the transfer of wheat and flour from Punjab to other provinces.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that the Punjab Government is well aware of its responsibilities. He said that all resources are being utilized for the supply of flour but the Sindh Government is showing utter negligence in this regard which puts all the pressure on the province of Punjab.

He said that Punjab alone cannot bear the burden of the entire country. In order to reduce the prices of wheat and flour, flour mills across the country need to get uniform Government wheat, like Punjab province.— PRESS RELEASE