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River Sutlej: Water Level Touches 17.80 Feet At Ferozpur, Ganda Singh Wala


KASUR– Water level touched 17.80 feet level at Ferozpur and Ganda Singh Wala in River Sutlej on Tuesday morning.

According to the authorities concerned, the flow of water is increasing at Ganda Singh Wala and has reached 37640 cusecs,which is expected to be risen during next ten to fifteen hours.

The water level at Talwar post is 8.40 feet, Bakerke post 624 feet and Fateh Mohammad 9.50 feet.

Meanwhile, an increase in water flow has been witnessed at Head Sulemanki in River Sutlej.

The water flow at Head Sulemanki has reached 29536 cusecs whilst the discharge is 17627 cusecs. In view of the imminent flood like situation, the people in the area are being evacuated and a relief camp has been established.