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Rescue 1122 to Be Established in All Tehsils of Rawalpindi Division By Dec 2020


LAHORE– Director General, Punjab Emergency Service Dr Rizwan Naseer Monday reviewed the performance of Districts Emergency Officers Rawalpindi, Attock, Jhelum, Chakwal and Murree.

The meeting was chaired by DG Rescue Punjab Dr. Rizwan Naseer held at Rescue Central Station, Rawalpindi was attended by Districts Emergency Officers of Rawalpindi division, Faheem Ahmad Qureshi Deputy Director(P&D), Ayaz Aslam Head of Operations, Ms. Deeba Shahnaz  Head of Community Safety & Information and other senior officers from Rescue Headquarters.

The District Emergency Officer briefed DG Rescue Punjab about the Operations, repair and maintenance of ambulances, staff and  requirement of vehicles and performance on the construction of the Rescue Stations  of remaining tehsils in their respective districts. The District Emergency Officers further apprised DG Rescue Punjab that the construction work of Tehsil Kahota in Rawalpindi, Teshil Deena and Sohawa in Jhelum, Tehsil Fatehjang in Attock and Tehsil Kallar Khar Telagang Chu sadan shah and Lawa in Chakwal shall be completed soon.

The District Emergency Officer Rawalpindi briefed that Rescue Service Rawalpindi responded 17630 Emergencies including 4952 road Traffic crashes in last 6 months. The District Emergency Officer Dr Ashfaq briefed that Rescue Service Attock dealt 6605 emergencies and 1063 accidents.

Likewise DEO Jhelum Dr Faisal briefed that Rescue Service Jhelum dealt 4351 emergencies including 825 Road Traffic Crashes and DEO Chakwal Dr Atiq also briefed that total 4034 Emergencies were dealt in last six months included 961 road traffic crashes. They also presented the requirement of human resource and emergency vehicles for starting Emergency Service in remaining tehsils of Rawalpindi Division. They told that currently they are responding the emergencies with limited resources with available ambulances of Patients Transfer Service.

The Head Planning & Development Mr. Faheem Ahmad Qureshi informed the meeting, the recruitment of staff for few tehsil have been done and they are under training whereas remaining recruitment of the staff shall be done soon and sent for training. The staff will be provided to all tehsils of Division Rawalpindi till December 2020. He also informed that the vehicles and equipment will also be available by December 2020.

While addressing the conference, the DG Rescue Punjab appreciated the efforts of all District Emergency Officers for maintaining the standard of the Service and congratulates who have completed ten years of regular Service. He said that soon District Emergency Officers, Emergency Officers, Rescue Safety Officers and Control Room Incharges who have completed 10 years of regular Service will be upgraded in next scale with higher responsibilities.

DG Rescue Punjab expressed grave concern increasing number of road traffic crashes in Punjab. He said the maximum number of road traffic crashes can be prevented through adopting necessary road safety measures and road safety laws which includes driving a motorcycle with a maximum speed limit of 50 km/hr, always drive a motorcycle in extreme left lane, wear properly strapped helmet and use side mirrors while driving.— PRESS RELEASE