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Renovation Work at Badami Bagh General Bus Stand Goes Unabated


By Our Web Reporter

LAHORE– The ongoing renovation, beautification and repair work at Badami Bagh General Bus Stand may turn to a historical one as the general look of the central bus stand of the provincial capital will have entirely new look in days to come.

To fulfill this dream, Administrator General Badami Bagh General Bus Stand Ahmad Raza Butt again took a round of the portions where renovation is continuing.


He visited all areas of general bus stand to supervise certain actions.

Ahmad Raza Butt checked clearance of all dumping containers and attendance of LWMC staff.

He further checked renovation work. Outside building work of sitting hall was complete and inside work is in progress.

The administrator general also checked functioning of street lights to find 70 percent lights lit and directed Infra branch to get rest of lights functional.

He conveyed to the transporters not to park buses along roadside otherwise strict action will be taken against violators. — LAHORE MIRROR