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Rawalpindi Police Hold Rally To Express Solidarity With Oppressed Kashmiris

Central Association of Traders Rawalpindi Cantt acknowledges City Police Officer Captain (retired) Muhammad Faisal Rana for taking fruitful measures for the protection of children


RAWALPINDI– Rawalpindi police held a rally to show solidarity with the suppressed Kashmiri Muslims on Friday with City Police Officer Captain (retired) Muhammad Faisal Rana leading his force.

Hundreds of persons from the civil society participated in the rally in which special prayers were offered for the freedom of Kashmir.

The rally began from Metro Station Saddar and was attended by SSP Operations Syed Ali Akbar, Chief Traffic Officer Mohammed Bin Ashraf, SP Potohar Syed Ali, SP Rawal Asif Masood and a large number of persons from the Civil society.
The participants carried banners and play cards with slogans to support Kashmiri Muslims. An interesting situation was created in the rally when the CPO Faisal Rana emotionally chanted slogan “Kashmir Banega Pakistan”.
The participants responded to the slogans with equal loud voice which was so catchy that traffic stopped to view to the emotional scenes. The Rally, after passing through various areas, reached at Food Street and was changed into a large gathering.
The CPO, Faisal Rana while addressing the participants said that Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan. “Every officer and official of Rawalpindi police including me shows firm solidarity with the suppressed Muslims in Kashmir” the CPO added.
“The way Indian forces are committing atrocities on the Muslims in Kashmir, it has left behind the atrocities committed by Halaku Khan.”
The CPO said that every police officer of Rawalpindi police including him is ready for any sacrifice at any time for the brothers and sisters in Kashmir. Representative of civil society also addressed the participants and special collective prayers were said for the freedom of Kashmir.


Rawalpindi traders acknowledge CPO for protecting children

Central Association of Traders Rawalpindi Cantt has acknowledged City Police Officer Captain (retired) Muhammad Faisal Rana for adopting fruitful measures for the protection of children.

Traders announced full support of Rawalpindi police for rule of law and protection of lives and property of the people.

A delegation of traders led by Central Association of Traders Rawalpindi Cantt Sheikh Hafeez met  DIG Faisal Rana at the Police Lines on Friday. SP Potohar Syed Ali was also present on the occasion.

President central traders association of trades, Rawalpindi Cantt, Sheikh Hafeez said road map the CPO given for the protection of children is practical as cases are registered on all the complaints that are received by the CPO regarding torture and exploitation of children.

After registration of cases the CPO makes serious efforts for the arrest of the accused using “force” of law. The CPO only takes a break when accused are arrested, he added.

He said that the way CPO Faisal Rana unveiled the incident of sexual abuse of a child in Saddar Berooni, through his professional command.

Such policing is unprecedented in Rawalpindi. The parents of the victim were denying the incident and the accused had concealed his cruel act due to which some persons from public also supported the accused and even cheated slogans against police but Faisal Rana get the medical examination of the victim child conducted, produced solid evidence and arrested the accused who conferred his crime.

Talking about the three girls missing from the area of Civil Lines, Sheikh hafeez said that it is not easy to register a case of kidnapping of 03 girls against unknown accused, but CPO Faisal Rana directed SP Syed Ali and got recovered the girls using latest scientific aid. The girls gave their statement in court that they were not kidnapped by anyone.

Faisal Rana proved that cases are promptly registered under his command. The traders said that they are standing ahead of police for the protection of children, rule of law and protection of lives and property of the people.

The traders can do their business in extraordinary peace that strengthens the economy of the country. The CPO while addressing on the occasion, said that he is not doing favour to anyone by protecting the children, every child of Rawalpindi is like my own child and I will protect the children with the same spirit, the CPO added.

The CPO said that, the traders must have faith that law breakers have been taken to tasks in Rawalpindi and we will take all the possible legal steps for the protection of traders and the lives and property of the public.


Murree police arrested leader of a “male-female” gang along with four accomplices, including three women, who used to arrogate cash and gold ornaments from female tourists.
Cash, gold ornaments and the vehicle under the use of accused also recovered.
According to details, SP Saddar, Rai Mazhar Iqbal informed a gang of “male-female” fraudsters was active in Murree that used to fraudulently arrogate cash and gold ornaments from female tourists travelling in the local transport.
The gang had female members too who used to travel in local transport, fraudulently arrogate cash and gold ornaments from the female tourists and get off the vehicle at the nearest stop.
The gang leader used to be present at the stop in his private in which the accused escaped. The gang leader used to move his private car along the local transport.
The accused used to fix target in the local transport and the female members of the gang preferably boarded vehicles with female tourists wearing gold ornaments. Police arrested the gang using scientific aid. The arrested accused includes the ringleader Arshad Mehmood and his accomplices Qasim, Sonia, Nazia and Nasreen.
Cash and gold ornaments that the accused arrogated during their criminal acts as well as the vehicle No. XV-488, under use of the accused, has been recovered.
The CPO while commending SP Saddar for the arrest of the fraudster gang said that, we have to provide security to the tourists visiting Murree and a separate force also being deployed in Murree for the purpose.
The CPO directed SP Saddar to personally monitor the implementation of plan for the security of tourists in Murree.
The CPO said that, the facilitators of the “male-female” gang, who used to keep or distribute the arrogated goods, must also be arrested during investigation of the case.— PRESS RELEASE