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Rawalpindi CPO Suspends Three SHOs Over Multiple Complaints

RAWALPINDI– Strict departmental accountability continues in the Rawalpindi police as City Police Officer Captain (retired) Muhammad Faisal Rana suspended SHOs of three police stations for poor performance, negligence and corruption on Wednesday.
The suspended SHOs directed to report in Police Lines and departmental inquiries have also been ordered against them.
According to the details, City Police Officer DIG Muhammad Faisal Rana has kept strict departmental accountability on the directions of the Inspector General of Punjab Police.
The City Police Officer, on public complaints, suspended SHO R A Bazar, Sardar Pervaiz, SHO Morgah, Zaheer ud Din Babar and SHO Saddar Wah, Sajid Mehmood. The CPO had received complaints of faulty investigation, negligence and corruption against all the three SHOs.
The CPO directed the suspended SHOs to report to the Police Lines and also issued orders to initiate formal departmental inquiries against them. The CPO said that, the rule of law makes police , the servants of the people.
“Only the law has to rule in the society over the citizens. If a police official thinks that after wearing the uniform he has become the ruler of the people, it is his misconception.”
SHO ship is a responsibility which will be given to those who know how to fulfill this responsibility.
The CPO said that, if law abiding citizens who are helpful to the police, complain of an SHO for faulty investigation, negligence and corruption, then such SHO must not be allowed to work.
Departmental inquiries will be initiated against the SHOs who have been suspended and in the light of the findings of inquiries, punishments will be awarded under the police rules, the CPO added. It is being said by different sections of the society that, the way CPO Faisal Rana has initiated departmental accountability, it will cleanse Rawalpindi police from the black sheep.


Police trace accused who hit Muhafiz Squad constable

The vehicle that hit and injured a constable of Muhafiz Squad, was traced and accused was identified.
According to the details, officials of Muhafiz Squad tried to stop a suspicious vehicle at Katcheri Chowk in the area of Civil Lines. The accused in the vehicle instead of stopping the car hit the motorcyle of Muhafiz Squad due to which constable Yasir got injured.
The handle of the official motorcycle got stuck in the vehicle and in an attempt to escape the driver of the vehicle dragged the motorcycle to many a furlongs. Constable Yasir has been admitted in the hospital while the accused escaped with his vehicle.
On receiving the information regarding the incident, City Police Officer DIG Muhammad Faisal Rana directed SP Potohar to trace the suspicious vehicle and to arrest the accused.
SP Potohar  told the CPO during a briefing that, the vehicles has been traced and accused identified using the latest technology and the accused will be arrested in the next 24 hours.
The CPO said that, Muhafiz Squad is the most active organ of Rawalpindi police that protects the life and property of the people on roads. Those who have challenged the protectors of public, will be taken into the firm grasp of law. The CPO also directed to provide best possible medical facilities for the treatment of the injured constable.— PRESS RELEASE