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Rawalpindi CPO Faisal Rana Addresses General Police Parade

The CPO Office issues notification to all police offices and police stations for ultimate respect to teachers

RAWALPINDI– City Police Officer Captain (retired) Muhammad Faisal Rana has asked his force not to disturb law-abiding citizens, but go after law-violators.
He said Rawalpindi police have witnessed considerable drop in crime ratio and increase in ratio of tracing cases in the light of directives of the Punjab police chief and effective monitoring of the Rawalpindi regional police officer.
“The recovery of criminals of multiple cases has also improved and I give this entire credit to each member of the Rawalpindi police,” the CPO said while addressing the general parade of Rawalpindi police at the Police Lines on Monday.
He said Rawalpindi police are being quoted as example for protecting children.
Faisal Rana said asked his force to take care of rule of law and police limits during duty and he would take care of the basic rights of each policemen in return.

Protocol for teachers

The CPO has directed Rawalpindi police to give due protocol to teachers in police offices and police stations.
The issues of teachers must be resolved on priority basis. Only those nations progress in the world who gives their teachers the respect they deserve, the CPO said addressing a meeting.
According to a notification, the SHOs have been ordered to give proper protocol to teachers.
A meeting in this regard was presided by CPO Deputy Inspector General of Police Muhammad Faisal Rana was attended by SSP Investigation Muhammad Faisal, SP Potohar Syed Ali, SP Saddar Rai Mazhar Iqbal, SP Rawal Asif Masood and other officers.
CPO Faisal Rana said the society without a preceptor, is such lifeless, nascient and uncouth that it cannot progress.
The CPO said the teachers are the architects of the nation, they frame the nation in a way that this most honorable section provides the people the wealth of knowledge, a wealth that can neither be stolen nor robbed.
The teachers provide such wealth that increases by spending and it is such a weapon that does not need to be protected, it rather protects us, the CPO added.
Rana said that, it is not possible for one to weigh the favors of a teacher and the status of the teachers demands that they must be given the protocol they deserve.
The CPO while directing the officers said as per the vision of the Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar, the instructions of Inspector General of Punjab Police Arif Nawaz Khan and in the view of successful monitoring of Regional Police Officer Rawalpindi Captain (retired) Ehsan Tufail, it is being made mandatory for the police to give teachers the protocol they deserve.
As the one who knows ones status being a teacher, will never asks for such work which has a minor doubt of lawlessness, the CPO added.
The CPO, while issuing a notification in the matter, said that the teachers must be given due protocol when they visit police office or police station. The SDPOs will also be responsible for implementation of the directions while the divisional SPs will monitor and ensure implementation.
The CPO said that, 5th October, will be celebrated as World Teachers Day and on this occasion, Rawalpindi police will give the message, that, every personnel of Rawalpindi police from CPO to the constable is a student of a teacher and that we will give full protocol to the teachers.


Killer of sister-in-law arrested in time

Timely action of Rawalpindi police led to the arrest of a person who killed his sister-in-law by setting her ablaze. A case under murder section was registered against the accused. The CPO directed to challan the atrocious accused with solid evidence.
The organizations working for women rights appreciated the CPO for immediate arrest of the accused.
According to police, Muhammad Siddique had a row with his sister-in-law Fauzia Bibi, wife of Muhammad Rafique, over breakfast in Takya Baba Raheem Shah area of Gujar Khan. The infuriated accused, Siddique, set ablaze Fauzia who was burnt alive and died.
On receiving information, CPO Faisal Rana directed SP Saddar Rai Mazhar Iqbal for immediate arrest of the accused.
Police taking timely action, reached the spot and arrested the accused and a case has been registered with police station Gujar Khan against him under section of murder.
The CPO while applauding SP Saddar for timely arrest of accused in brutal criminal act, said that, if police had not arrested the accused immediately, it might have affected the social peace.
The DIG speaking on the occasion said in the era of science and social media, one cannot imagine of such brutal person who kills a woman while setting her ablaze.
Such persons do not deserve to be called human beings, the CPO, added.  The CPO said killing someone by setting on fire is such a painful death the humanity trembles, imagining it.
The CPO directed to challan the accused with meaningful evidence so that the Hon’ble Court may award him fearsome sentence.
The CPO directed the SP to personally monitor the investigation of the case and to keep him updated on daily basis regarding the progress in the investigation. The organizations working for women rights, on social media, condemned the brutal act of killing a women by setting her on fire and commended CPO Faisal Rana over the immediate arrest of the brutal accused.
Non government organizations expressed views on social media that CPO Faisal Rana has got the accused of heinous case arrested immediately that speaks loud of his professional policing. Such policing will be helpful to save women from torture in future.— PRESS RELEASE