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‘Puppet Show’, ‘Ainak Wala Jin’ Presented to Children at Alhamra Art Centre


LAHORE– The Lahore Arts Council (LAC) has always been at the forefront to providing quality and purposeful entertainment to the public.

In this regard, children’s favorite show “Putli Tamasha” was presented to the children which was attended by a large number of children and adults at the Alhamra Art Centre Lahore The Mall.

Providing purposeful and meaningful entertainment to the masses through “Puppet shows” is centuries-old tradition.

Lahore Arts Council is working day and night for the development of every area of arts and has always played a significant role; various shows on different topics are being organized through Puppet shows at Alhamra on every Sunday.

In every Puppet show Alhamra has highlighted various issues like health, education and environment etc. Children along with their parents are invited to attend the show on every Sunday.

Puppet show is a regular feature of the LAC to promote culture and traditions with children in understanding their folk legacies which is an important part of their development.

On the occasion, Executive Director Lahore Arts Council Ather Ali Khan said that for decades, the Lahore Arts Council has been presenting the children’s show “Putli Tamasha” to provide purposeful and positive entertainment to the children in the best environment.

He further said that “Putli Tamasha” is a cultural beauty, which is kept alive by Alhamra and this medium is a great source of meaningful entertainment for children.

In addition to the puppet show, children’s all-time favorite drama “Ainak Wala Jin” Alla Din Jadu Ka Chiragh” and educational drama “Taleem” was also presented to the children and their families.

Take important measures to control dengue was the part of every show so that children as well as their families can be taught to avoid dengue.

Parents expressed their views in response to Alhamra’s educational programs said that Alhamra’s friendly atmosphere is a great source of positive training for our children and highly appreciate the efforts of Lahore Arts Council.— PRESS HANDOUT