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Prime Minister Imran Khan Inaugurates Non-Stop Jinnah Express Train

The train will travel between Lahore and Karachi in 15 hours.


LAHORE– Prime Minister Imran Khan today inaugurated non-stop Jinnah Express train and renovation of the Railway Station in the provincial capital.

Mr Khan thanked Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed for inviting him for inauguration of the train and paid tribute to the minister for uplifting Pakistan Railways.

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar and Sheikh Rasheed were also present on this occasion.

Premier Imran Khan said economic revolution would come when ML-I (Main Line-I that runs from Peshawar to Karachi via Lahore) will be completed.

“Motorways and arteries are for elites, while trains are for poor. The railway track the English had built has become shorter for our need,” he said.

“I will ask the Ministry of Petroleum to use railway for freight, which would be cheaper transportation and economically beneficial for railways,” he added.

Prime Minister Khan said he was different from previous prime ministers who would behave like a king, issue a statement and make an announcement. He said he was a democratic prime minister.

He said the government was going to launch a health insurance programme for poor. He said all the week segments of society should get health card in Pakistan.

PM Khan said he was in principle in favour of increment in salary of labourers. He said viewing inflation salary of labourers should be increased. “I will not make false promises,” he added.

Taking a dig at the Sharif family, he said, “How they would know what tourism potential lies in the country, who would spend their vacations in London.”

He said the railway would be extremely helpful in tourism. adding the government will spread network of trains in Pakistan with the help of China.

Jinnah Express train will travel between Lahore and Karachi in 15 hours time.