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PMA Warns of ‘Second Wave of Virus’ as Pakistanis Ignore Social Distancing SOPs


LAHORE– The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) on Friday issued a fresh warning over the escalating coronavirus infections in the country, saying the country may be headed for “a second wave” of the disease as people are continuously violating social distancing SOPs.

“Pakistan is currently at risk of a second wave of coronavirus infections,” said the association.

It warned that countries that are currently experiencing a second wave are facing a more severe form of the disease.

PMA expressed concerns over the possibility of a similar situation in Pakistan as the country battles a rising number of cases.

They chalked up the rise in infections to a lack in the strict observance of coronavirus safety measures.

Talking about Sindh in particular, where as many as half of the country’s cases were recently registered, it said that people had stopped exercising caution.

“It is important that special care is taken in primary and pre-primary schools,” said PMA.

It reminded the country that the virus has not yet been eliminated and safety precautions must be taken at all times.

The announcement comes days after the government started the phase-wise reopening of schools, which concluded with the resumption of primary schools from September 30.

Pakistan registered a significant rise in cases — 625 — in the last 24 hours up from 543 the day before, with 361 from Sindh alone.