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PIFD Senate Members ‘Illegally’ Favour Tenure Extension of Sitting VC

-- A search committee is required to be constituted and notified to pick the new VC


By Our Web Reporter

An ‘illegal’ resolution has recently been passed by the Senate Members for an extension in the tenure of incumbent Vice Chancellor of the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design Institute (PIFD) Hina Tayaba Khalil without any terms and conditions that had to be prescribed through statutes by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training as well as the Senate of PIFD, it is reliably learned.

Sources in PIFD speaking to Lahore Mirror claimed the said resolution was passed in Senate meeting of PIFD on 27th October 2020 at the Governor’s House Lahore. President Dr Arif Alvi presided over the meeting being Chancellor of PIFD.

Sources said the Search Committee for the VC’s appointment had to be constituted at least three months prior to the expiry of the incumbent VC by the Senate and the Registrar of PIFD who was also responsible to notify this search committee.

In this regard, the relevant rules already notified vide No PIFD/REG/543/2 dated 29th June, 2012 clearly speaks that “The Search Committee thus constituted shall be notified by the Registrar” and “The Search Committee shall be constituted at-least three months prior to the expiry of tenure of incumbent Vice-Chancellor.” Failure to timely constitution of Search Committee as well as this act of authority shows the mala-fide to grant the extension in tenure to the incumbent VC in absence of rules; which clearly against the human rights and brave attempt to snub the rights of well qualified general public as well as to promote the favoritism, partiality and discrimination.

The PIFD Act, 2011 Section 11(2) states that “A Search Committee for the recommendation of persons suitable for appointment as Vice-Chancellor shall be constituted by the Senate on the date and in the manner prescribed by statutes”. The same Section 11, sub-section (4) of PIFD further reveals that “The Vice-Chancellor shall be appointed for a renewable tenure of five years on terms and conditions prescribed by statutes. The tenure of an incumbent Vice-Chancellor for the Institute shall be renewed by the Chancellor on receipt of a resolution of the Senate in support of such renewal,”.

The sources claimed that if terms and conditions were neither approved by the Chancellor and the concerned ministry nor notified any statutes by any of the authority till date, how it is possible to give and an extension in VC’s tenure?

The sources further claimed that the sitting Vice Chancellor Ms Hina Tayyab Khalil has been administering the affairs of the Institute for a period of over 18 years in various capacities.
The sitting VC had already faced an inquiry against her ‘illegal’ appointments in PIFD at three lucrative posts in PIFD which includes as Principal, Professor and Vice-Chancellor. An inquiry report was initiated upon the directions of the Honorable Supreme Court, Lahore Registry in a Human Right (HRC) Case No. 18519-P/2018 filed by Members of Academic Staff Association, PIFD which was conducted by Riaz Ahmed Director General, TDAP Lahore.
The Fact findings probe revealed that when Ms Hina Tayyba Khalil was appointed as Principal of PSFD, she didn’t meet the criteria of Principal of PSFD. It revealed that she completed her bachelor’s degree in 1995, if considered all the experience including lab assistant and system executive, it was not more than six years whereas the required experience which was advertised at least 10 years teaching experience and three years administrative experience.
Similarly, it was also revealed that Ms Hina Tayyaba Khalil didn’t have the required teaching experience of 17 years in the post graduate institute while appointed as Professor, PIFD.
Moreover, the inquiry report further revealed that a total of 14 applicants including 07 PhDs out whom four were shortlisted for interview including her in which no preference was given to the PhDs candidates on the Master degrees holder.
“It is also worth mentioning here that Ms Hina Tayyab Khalil was also working as acting vice chancellor at the time of the interview, which was clash of interest. Furthermore, the vacancy of Vice Chancellor was advertised in 2015 whereas the PIFD Act was passed in 2011, resulting in around 4 years running PIFD without a regular VC without any plausible justification available on record,” the inquiry report read.
At the end, the inquiry officer in which he suggested that the financial issues need to be scrutinized which was not possible in such a short time 2/3 days, highlighted by PIFD’s employees after having special audit. It was also suggested that under the senior officer of BPS-21 from the concerned ministry who would investigated the financial irregularities; although till file this report no senior officer of BPS-21 from the concerned ministry has been deputed to investigate the finical irregularities.

PS to President of Pakistan Tariq Najmi didn’t respond to WhatsApp queries sent by Lahore Mirror about the passage of resolution in favour of the sitting chancellor.