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PIA Passengers ‘Unable To Breathe’ As Doors Closed During Flight Delay


KARACHI: Passengers on a Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) Islamabad-bound flight complained that they were unable to breathe as the national carrier closed doors while they were seated in the plane for over an hour.

Flight PK-300 from Karachi to Islamabad was delayed by over an hour on Friday. Passengers had been boarded and the doors of the plane had been shut, however, the take-off was delayed owing to a technical fault, according to a PIA spokesperson.

Passengers complained that they were unable to breathe and asked the cabin crew to open the doors but to no avail.

One of the passengers claimed that the cabin crew took away their phones when they tried to make a video.

In August last year, a video had gone viral of a mother pleading PIA’s crew to open doors of a plane as her baby had allegedly fallen unconscious due to faulty air conditioning.