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PIA Clarifies It Is Not Shifting Head Office Rather Transforming Business Plan


LAHORE– The Pakistan International Airline (PIA) is not shifting its head office but moving fast to implement and achieve economic viability as envisaged in the airline’s business plan.

The salient features of the business plan include enhancement of flights and especially resumption of its US operation suspended since 2017.

All departments are working in synchronization to achieve the desired results under the leadership of CEO PIA, Air Marshal Arshad Malik with a single agenda that is to achieve higher revenues aimed at profitability beneficial for all airline stake holders including its shareholders.

The airline is trying all out efforts to start non-stop flights to USA making it a viable business route rather than the previous route via Manchester which was incurring high costs.

He said that PIA is in the process to achieve high revenues and reduce its cost without compromising on safety and service standards.

The airline management has planned to increase flight frequencies on profitable routes and planning new destinations based purely on commercial viability.

The New Islamabad airport which is now the largest airport of country is a great opportunity for PIA to further enhance its network as majority of the international flights operate from the north region.

There exists more potential to be explored and revenue generated by making Islamabad Airport as the airline’s Hub while generating additional business with focused attention from other major cities of country.

Presently PIA operates 22 flights per week to European destinations from Islamabad as compared with two from Karachi.

The recent initiative of Saudi Government to have direct immigration access at Islamabad Airport for the forthcoming hajj season, more personnel will be required at Islamabad airport.

To strengthen the flight operation from Islamabad it is being equipped with required manpower.

Keeping in view the same principle i.e. to capitalize on demand potential and New Islamabad Airport as the airline’s Hub, PIA management is re-organizing its human resources to utilize them more efficiently and effectively. In doing so, the airline management is re positioning its employees to different stations throughout Pakistan.

The management is in the process of transferring its employees to Islamabad and other stations wherever required to cope up with the work load, demand potential and future prospects.

This is not by any way transferring the airline’s head office rather HR adjustments from within for the betterment of the airline.

However, the management considers the grievances of employees if any with genuine reason. PIA spokesman concluded.— PRESS RELEASE