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Photos: Big Hit Entertainment Crafts New Building For BTS Museum


SEOUL– One of South Korea’s leading entertainment agencies Big Hit Entertainment are well known for housing BTS, and in memoriam of the group’s work over the years have decided to craft a BTS Museum inside their new building.

The building in question resides in Yongsan Trade Center, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea and overlooks the Han River.

It is said to have 19 floors in total, with two underground areas dedicated for the museum. It will showcase the group’s awards, trophies and other exhibit pieces available to the public with a nominal fee.

Out of this, three floors will be set aside as practice studio’s available only via prior reservation and netizens around the globe are divided over the ‘fairness’.

One took to social media and claimed, “I mean usually offices use this type of system too…but I think it would be okay for BTS to have their own practice rooms…aren’t they the ones making up most of the sales for the company anyway?” whereas another believes, “Don’t the boys deserve a whole floor to themselves!?”