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PCJCCI Suggests 3T (Test, Trace, Treat) Model to Fight COVID-19


LAHORE– Against the backdrop of the novel coronavirus, PCJCCI suggested 3T (Test, trace, and treat Model) as a key to success in the fight against coronavirus worldwide. President PCJCCI, Mr. Zarak Khan asserted that fighting any pandemic situation needs disease management that is equally important as disease treatment.

 PCJCCI despite being a business platform, endeavoring to become a significant Information hub for combating this pandemic situation through knowledge sharing with help of Chinese medical experts and researchers. It was stated by President PCJCCI Zarak Khan during his remote discussions with Chinese medical Experts and executive committee members of PCJCCI. 

 To curb the spread of the outbreak, we meticulously need to track the contacts of people with COVID-19 and try to treat them at the earliest stage, Added Mr. Moazzam Ghurki, Senior Vice President PCJCCI. We need to adopt the principles of transparency and civilian participation in the fight, he added.

 Adding to the discussion, Mr Salahuddin Hanif, Secretary General PCJCCI said that China was among the countries where the outbreak was first seen and controlled he said that experience and knowledge can be informative for other countries. He ensured to bring maximum possible medical support in form of equipment and knowledge that will be both beneficial in fighting against the disease spread.

It was observed that PCJCCI is continuously holding knowledge sharing discussions with their Chinese counterparts to gain maximum knowledge for a firm control over the spread of disease–PRESS RELEASE