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PCJCCI, Govt to Promote Bubble Tourism Amid Coronavirus SOPs


LAHORE– Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) has joined government move to promote bubble tourism in the country under Corona specific SOPs. Mr. Zarak Khan, President PCJCCI, in a press statement issued here Friday informed that a team led by Mr. Salahuddin Hanif, Secretary General PCJCCI was busy to undertake “Free Mask Distribution in northern areas including; Malam Jabba and Kumrat Valley to highlight the importance of SOPs regarding Covid19 at tourists’ spotsto promote Bubble Tourism in Pakistan.

President PCJCCI said that, the “Bubble Tourism” should be promoted in Pakistan in between the provinces to generate economy and to freshen the minds of people during this hour of crisis. The revival of Tourism activities, he said, were necessary to overcome unemployment problem prevailing at the tourists areas across the country, especially in northern areas. But, the tourists as well as the tourists’ facilitators required to follow Covid 19 preventive SOPs, therefore, we planned the free mask distribution at northern areas to help them control the spread of Corona pandemic in the tourism centers of the country, he added and hoped that revival of the tourism activities under Covid-19 specific SOPs will help add strength to the national economy besides squeezing the unemployment issue.

Mr. Moazzam Ghurki, Senior Vice President PCJCCI also supported the viewpoint of his President observing that tourism in Pakistan was an extremely important component of the economy that needed to be developed on modern line. He said that Tourism was comprised of several service activities including transportation, communication, hospitality, catering, entertainment and advertising. We will have to improve quality of these services to make our tourism sector competitive for both local and foreign tourists, he added and appreciated government to open up “Bubble Tourism” in the country to revive the economic activities in the tourism sector.

Meanwhile, Mr. Salahuddin Hanif, Secretary General PCJCCIhas informedthat road shows were being conducted for tourists in northern areas by exhibiting free mask distribution and also by highlighting significance of the Corona preventive SOPs. “We carried out free mask distribution at different areas by collaborating with the Government of Punjab, and now we have taken this initiative to show solidarity with other provinces too”, he added.— PRESS RELEASE