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“Pakistan Key Fankaar” Mobile App Finalized For Online Registration of Artists 


LAHORE– After the success of the online 16th Young Artist Exhibition, online classes of Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts and online virtual tour of Lahore Art Museum preparations have also been completed to introduce a mobile app for online registration of artists, said Lahore Arts Council Executive Director Saman Rai on Saturday.

The Department of Information and Culture along with the Lahore Arts Council, is taking essential steps for the welfare of culture, art and artists in the society who are facing extremely difficult circumstances due to Covid-19 pandemic. Secretary Information and Culture Punjab Raja Jahangir Anwar is playing a pivotal role.

The Punjab government is taking various important measures for artist’s community affected by the Covid-19 pandemic that include great initiative from Artist Support Fund to the App “Pakistan Key Fankaar”.

The developing app titled “Pakistan Key Fankaar” shows that this app is being created exclusively for the welfare of artists across Pakistan, through this historical achievement of Punjab Government’  the profile of registered artists from across the country will be available on the  “Artists of Pakistan” app.  This app will be activated soon for the registration of all artists belonging to Pakistan.

According to Saman Rai, the initiative of the Department of Information and Culture would help in collecting data of artists. She stated that artists from all over Pakistan would be able to use this app created in collaboration with PITB.

Through this app, artists will not only be able to record their data easily. And also the collected data can be used in various welfare projects for the artist’s community which is undoubtedly remarkable achievement of   Department of Information and  Secretary Culture Raja Jahangir Anwar, she added.— PRESS RELEASE