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Pakistan Citizen Portal Resolves 2.6mn Complaints in Two Years


ISLAMABAD– The Pakistan Citizen Portal has resolved 2.6 complaints from out of 2.7 million received in last two years is being portrayed as the giant step on the journey to people’s empowerment and
establishing Madina state.
As many as  2.7 million complaints were received in last two years. Of which 2.596 million  have been resolved. Pakistan Citizen Portal is an initiative of Prime Minister Imran Khan to promptly resolve the
complaints of citizens on priority basis. Citizen Portal, started on November 28, 2018 with the aim to transform the country on pattern of Islamic Welfare State of Madina encourages people to lodge their

Portal provides guidance for registering their complaints. A complainant or any other person can  suggest for make the portal move effective.
The complaints about missing children, torture to children and Zainab Alert Bill has also been attached with the portal for facilitating the people.
Pakistan Citizen Portal has been included first three Apps among 4,646App of 87 countries’ service category.
The Pakistanis and foreigners living in Pakistan and abroad are currently benefiting from the services of Pakistan Citizen Portal. In 2018 the number of Pakistan Citizen Portal’s dashboards were 3,796 which were swelled to 8,913 in 2020. Likewise the portal’s complaint categories were 473 which have been swelled to 1,151 in 2020. Only one mobile App was working in 2018, and four different categories of apps were working in 2020. People could lodge complaints manually through mobile Apps, web, ‘open ketchery’.

Additionally a help line has also been established which has been attached with complaint cell. In last
two years different changes have been made in citizen portal to facilitate the people. Now the portal has become one of the best for lodging complaints.
Through this portal the countrymen complaints can directly reach to higher officers through the portal. The report about resolution of complaints is daily sent to Prime Minister. This provides feedback to
the government and also point volume of complaints to the government.
The portal has so far received over 2.7 million complaints. Special dashboards have been established for resolving the complaints.
In Punjab there are 3,102 dashboards including 161 of federal and 2,941 of provincial governments. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa there are 2,331 dashboards including 2,237 of provincial and 94 of federal government.
In federal government the number of dashboards is 1,516, provincial government has 32 dashboards, and 1,484 dashboards of federal government. In Sindh there are 1,229 including 1,174 of provincial
government and 55 related to federal government, in Balochistan, the total number of dashboards are 444 including 428 provincial and 16

In AJK the total number of dashboards are 174 including 29 of AJK government and 145 related to federal government. The Gilgit-Baltistan government has 113 dashboards and 4 belong to federal
government. Thus the total number of dashboards are 8,913, and 6,954 dashboards are of AJK and GB and dashboards of federal government are 1,959.
According to official sources, total registered complainants are 2.819 million including 170,000 overseas Pakistanis. Whereas 11,000 foreigners have also registered themselves at the portal. Total male
registered in the portal are 2.626 million, which is 87 percent of total registered persons on the portal. Some 201,000, women has also been registered on the portal, which is 7 percent of total registered
persons. And 169,000 persons have not shown their identity.
The number of registered complainant from Punjab are 1.696 million, KP 516,000, Sindh 406,000,Balochistan 39,000, Islamabad 37,000, AJK 29,000 and GB 1,425 have been registered with portal.
The ten leading professional groups registered on portal included students 203,959, businessmen 118,789, engineers 82,200, civil servants 60,066, teachers 53,703, social workers 53,479, corporate
sector 32,638, forces 23,483, medical professionals 14,619 and lawyers 12,768 have been registered at portal.
The age wise details of complainants registered at portal included  up to 20 years age 180,587 which are about 6 percent of total registered persons. Likewise the number of registered persons of age group 20 to
29 years are 1.364196 million which is 49 percent of total registered persons; 30 to 39 years are 812,676 which is 29 percent of total registered persons; the 30 to 39 age group registered persons are 29
percent. Likewise the registered persons of age group 45 to 49 years old are 286,123 which is 10 percent of total registered persons at the portal; similarly the number of 50 to 65 years old group persons are
134,351 which are five percent of total registered persons; and 22,000 persons registered are belong to age group of over 65 years old, which is only one percent of total registered persons.
Some 122,522 bechlor degree holders are registered at the portal; 135,792 registered persons have master degrees, while 37,488 registered persons have MS, master degrees and PhD. Similarly  the
number of post doctors are 1,852. As many as 132,000 minority community members have also been registered at the portal.

The number of registered overseas Pakistanis is 170,000 including 41,939 from UAE, 37,311 Saudi Arabia, 13,614 UK, 5,876 USA, 4,657 Qatar, 4,591 from Australia, 4,232 Canada, 4,205 Oman, 3,516 Malaysia, 3,075 from Italy, 2,758 Kuwait, 2,655 from Bahrain and 2,538 overseas Pakistan
residing in China have registered themselves on Portal.
Some 2.7 million complaints have so far been received on Citizen Portal.   Of which 2.6 million have been resolved. The ratio of complaint resolution is 94 percent.
Some 1.272 million complaints from out of 1.341601 complaints received
form federal capital have been resolved. Likewise 945,784 complaints
received from Punjab. Of which 892,638 have been resolved. The ratio
of resolving complaints is 94 percent. As many as 262,917 complaints
were received from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Out of which 249,399 have been
resolved and the ratio of resolving complaints remained 95 percent.
Some, 167,691 complaints were received from Sindh out of which 143,473
have been resolved. The ratio of resolving complaint is 86 percent. As
many as 22,759 complaints were received from federal capital out of
which 17,764 have been resolved and ratio of resolving complaints is
78 percent. From Balochistan 19,618 complaints were received. Of which
17,551 were resolved and ratio of resolving complaints remained 89
percent. Likewise, 3,421 complaints are received from
Gilgit-Baltistan. Of which 2,863 were resolved; some 619 complaints
were received from Azad Jammu and Kashmir  (AJK) out of which 526 has
been resolved by the portal.
From the received complaints 2.764 million complaints were from
federal government departments, 497,758 complaints related to power
sector, 126,667 relating to education, 83,426 complaints related to
human right violations.
Some 945,784 complaints received from Punjab – some 294,735 are from
municipal services, 111,178 complaints related to law and order,
100402 related to education. Some 262,917 complaints have been
received from Khyber Pakhtunkwa. Of which 61,559 related to municipal
services, 50,386 related to related to education, 28,584 related to
health. From Sindh 167,691 complaints have been received from Sindh.
Of which 73,575 related to municipal services, 171,196 to education,
15,358 law and orders.
Similarly, from out of 22,759 complaints received from Islamabad –
7,587 related to municipal services, 4,268 human right violations,
2,567 land revenue. Out of 19,618  complaints received from
Balochistan – 4,573 related to municipal services, 3,233 education and
2,279 human rights. Similarly 3,421 complaints received from GB – and
619 from AJK were related to various departments.
Some 128,372 complaints received from overseas Pakistanis were
resolved from out of  136,393 received.
The complaints received on portal are resolved on priority basis. The
complaints of special persons are resolved on priority basis. In last
two years, 155,177 complaints of special persons were received. Out of
which 142,365 were resolved.
Also 56,627 complaints of minority community were also received out of
which 52,789 resolved.  Some 180,673 complaints of women were also
received in last two years. Of which 168,299 have been resolved. Also
34,570 complaints of senior citizens were also received out of which
31,466 were resolved.
As many as 69,198 citizens of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have expressed
satisfaction over resolution complaints, 213,815 citizens of Punjab,
3.575 from Balochistan, 16,477 from Sindh have expressed satisfaction
over resolution of complaints. Out of 7,390 feedbacks received for
foreign ministry – some 3,549 expressed satisfaction. The satisfaction
level was 48 percent.
Prime Minister delivery unit reviews the negative feedback posted on
portal. In case of non resolution  – the complaints are reopened. The
Prime Minister Delivery Unit has re opened 167,665 complaints. After
reopening minus 28 percent feedback were transformed in to positive.
From out of 167,665 complaints reopened – 153,425 were were resolved.
Some 27,193 feedback were received. Of which 7,535 feedbacks expressed
satisfaction. Some complaints are deleted owing to ambiguity,
duplication, non issues, court matters, service issues, and others
while CRI is retained.
In light of complaints received on Pakistan citizen Portal some
reforms have been introduced.  SoPs have been implemented for the
people whose finger prints have been lost. This has been done through
NADRA. Overseas Pakistanis have been exempted from withholding tax.
282 examination centres have been changed.A high level committee have
been constituted for resolving the issues of overseas Pakistanis.
Reforms have been introduced for simplifying Islamabad Excise system.
The programme of curing fatal diseases has been revived.
Reforms have also been introduced  in ministries and divisions through
this portal. Law for recruiting 1,322  posts  have been constituted.
Of which 16,343 officers have been benefited. The promotion issues of
33,333 officers have been resolved. Seniority issues have been
resolved which benefited 8,384 officers. Pending 946 disciplinary
inquiries of federal government departments have been finalized. Some
1,815 officers have been removed/transferred  from their posts. 6,758
vacant posts  have been filled.  Design of portal was developed free
of cost where as Rs 53 million have  been  spent on portal in last two
years. The cost of resolving one complaint was Rs 20.
A plan has been devised to improve Pakistan Citizen Portal as more facilitating and easy to excess. More features including public opinion, notifications and announcements, all Pakistan Telephone Directory, special events, performance and audit system and others
would be included in the portal.
Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan Citizen Portal was a step forward towards making making Madina state. It help reviewing performance of bureaucracy, ministers and departments. Local government system will bring revolution and peoples issues will be resolved at doorstep. He urged the people to use Citizen Portal for empowering themselves.— HANDOUT