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Pakistan Attains Quickest Internet Data Rate In First 5G Test


KARACHI– The Federal Information Tecchnology Minister Aminul Haque announced Thursday that Pakistan achieved its fastest internet data rate with download speed reaching 1.685 gigabits per second during a 5G trial.

The minister reported that 5G technology will enable an emerging technological environment in the country conducive to economic prosperity.

“I believe that communication plays a major role in the social economic development and uplift of the financial inclusion of the country,” Haque said during a ceremony.

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The test was carried out by the PTCL Group, one of the country’s largest telecom groups, at a ceremony held at the PTCL Headquarters. The 5G trial was conducted in a limited environment on a non-commercial basis.

The participants were given an overview of the live 5G usage scenarios covering remote surgery and cloud gaming. They were also given an overview of the anticipated 5G technology applications.

It was told that once the ecosystem is developed, doctors will be able to conduct surgeries remotely in far-flung areas. Thus, it will create new social and economic development opportunities that will make the dream of ‘Digital Pakistan’ a reality.