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One Last Cry of Dying Humanity-A Girl Who Was Kept as Ph.D Student in University for 15 Years Finally Commits Suicide


Malik Ahmad Alp-Arslan

2020 was her 16th year as a Ph.D student in her university department. Fifteen (15) years ago she joined this so-called prestigious Research Centre of University to get Ph.D degree. She had a dream of rising in life as an accomplished human, a dream to become a scientist and researcher for her country, and a dream to contribute her share in support of her family and the society. But she did not know that simultaneously she was committing an unforgivable crime-a crime of having character along with good looks.

Yes Nadia Ashraf was a criminal in the eyes of insatiable vultures attired in wrinkle free suits having hi-fi professorial titles. She was kept as a Ph.D student for the last 15 years. She tried to submit her thesis many times but it was not allowed by her supervisor. Before her suicide she was again directed to prolong her ‘stay’ in university to do more ‘research work’ but now her soul wanted freedom. She requested her master to set her free but when she found no way she got freedom by hanging herself.

This story of Nadia is the one last cry of dying humanity. Nadia was enslaved under disguise of imparting knowledge. A keep that was forced to serve her master and slaveholder! A neo-slaveholder of 21st century having the title of PhD supervisor! This was one Nadia whose death came to the surface. Countless Nadias have become victims to such gowned wolves in these institutions of knowledge, and have disappeared in the dark without being heard.

This is a norm in universities to blackmail girl students, and few lucky girls having strong backgrounds succeed in escaping safely while getting a degree. Night research work in ‘special labs’ of the supervisors up to the ‘satisfaction’ of supervisor is that requirement without which no Ph.D student can dare to submit a thesis. But this play is not just limited to Ph.D level in science departments. It is equally rampant in departments of social sciences and humanities and at undergrad level in the name of Viva Voce, ‘oral’ exam, internal ‘assessment’, practicals, and dissertations.


On other hand if someone surrenders according to directions then favors are also accorded. There was a classic case wherein a surrendered girl was not only awarded a research degree by her supervisor but a job for her was also arranged in the same department. Additionally a husband from male students was also chosen for her by the supervisor. And finally the husband of the girl was sent abroad with the help of the same ‘kind supervisor’ for a few years on foreign scholarship.

Actually a whole web of mafias is operating in educational institutions whose tentacles reach to the highest levels. Universities and colleges are being run by ‘managers’ backed by so many powerful mentors. Services are rendered to all concerned and consequently extensions after extension are granted to such managers.  If any student or staff dares to resist then he or she is made an example.

No one will pay heed to scream of dying Nadia nor can anyone do anything. Nation is sleeping and wolves are in disguise. Nadia kept begging people to please help me but no one came to her help. This society has opted for silence but these silent spectators do not know that one day, if not stopped, these wolves shall reach their daughters also. It’s time to rise and put a stop before a pack of such rapid wolves. “Everything you want is on the other side of the fear.”


The writer is a philosopher by passion and an Agriculturist by profession. Dr Malik has served on various key slots of national level. He has got his Ph.D in Sociology with research interests in human behavior, culture, and societies. He can be reached at malikaaarslan@gmail.com