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NTDC Elevates its Engineers, Human Resources and Corporates Accounts Officials


LAHORE– The meeting of Promotion Board, presided over by Managing Director NTDC Engr. Muhammad Ayub was held at WAPDA House Lahore, wherein the Board approved promotion of 125 NTDC officers belonging to various cadres to the next grades.

As many as 21 NTDC officers of Human Resource, Corporate Accounts and Engineering have been promoted as Manager from BPS-18 to BPS-19. Whereas during another meeting of Promotion Board 104 officers were promoted from BPS-17 to BPS-18.

These officers belong to information Technology, Corporate Accounts and Technical (Engineers).

The Managing Director NTDC Engr. Muhammad Ayub has said that Board of Directors NTDC, since its inception, has taken number of initiatives and corrective measures to remove bottlenecks in all departments of NTDC including Human Resource.

Thus, BOD NTDC pushed management to conduct promotion board of pending cases without further delay.

He said that, while ensuring the transparency and to have requisite merit, PhD Professionals from Power and Telecom Sector were invited as a member promotion board.

He further said that promotions will create employment opportunities for fresh junior graduates. He added that all field formations of NTDC have also been directed to expedite promotions of lower staff.— PRESS RELEASE