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NHMP Observe World First Aid Day at Police Training College Sheikhupura


SHEIKHUPURA– The National Highways and Motorway Police observed “World First Aid Day” in a ceremony held at the National Highways & Motorway Police Training College Sheikhupura under the supervision of Commandant DIG Mehboob Aslam.

The importance of First Aid was highlighted in the event while under training officers of NHMP exhibited practical demonstration of First Aid in different emergency situations especially injuries in road crashes.

Addressing the under training officers Commandant NHMP Training College DIG Mehboob Aslam said that possibility of road crashes always remains on highways and motorways and Motorway Police always works as first responder to these emergency situations.

It is the reason that practical training of First Aid is being imparted to every officer of NHMP. With reference to “World First Aid Day” he said that the training of First Aid helps in saving precious lives anytime and everywhere.

He further said that one need not be a doctor to save life, anyone can learn First Aid.

At the end DIG Mehboob Aslam stressed that everyone should get training of First Aid as it may prove you hero some day.— PRESS RELEASE