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New Schemes Are Made For Improvement Of Drainage System & Tree Planting


By Our Web Reporter

KARACHI– Administrator Karachi Laiq Ahmed has said that the schemes to be prepared for the construction of future roads should include the construction of sidewalks, improvement of the drainage system, and tree planting. The data and the current situation is being computerized and the citizens will also be given access to this data, he said on the occasion of a tour of roads being constructed in different areas of Karachi, Senior Director Coordination Khalid Khan, Director General Works Shabiha Al Hassan Zaidi, Director General Parks Taha Saleem and Chief Engineers and other officers of the concerned districts were also with him.

He said that the construction of New MA Jinnah has been completed at a cost of Rs. 2 crores. Instructing the Director-General Parks, he said that in Karachi. Under the ongoing tree-planting campaign, plants should be planted on this road, the administrator said Chi also visited Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani Road, Abu Al Hassan Isfahani Road, Olympian Islahuddin Road, and other roads and directed that encroachments be removed from here along with the construction of roads and if encroachments are established after construction of the road. He said that steps should be taken to remove them immediately.

He said that the width of Olympian Islahuddin Road has now increased to 40 feet and a sewerage line has been laid before the construction of this road. He hoped that this road would be damaged for a long time. He said that where roads are broken and street lights are switched off, street crimes increase and citizens are harmed. He said that construction, paving, and construction of roads are among the priorities of KMC. The supply of street lights is paramount, the street lights of the roads that have been built have also been lit.

He also visited the park on Olympian Islahuddin Road and instructed the Director-General of Parks to visit the Miyavaki Forest at this location. To be built, it was built by Administrator Karachi Laiq Ahmed in Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 1-A While inspecting the road, he directed to install lanes and cat-eyes on this road as it is above ground level. Cat-eyes will be effective at night to guide the vehicles here, said Administrator Karachi. Immediate steps are being taken to fill potholes on other C roads so that all roads are made motorable and traffic continues uninterrupted.