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NESPAK Wins ADB-Funded Water Sector Project in Balochistan

Under the project, a dam and 10 irrigation schemes will be constructed/rehabilitated


LAHORE: NESPAK has won project design, construction supervision and implementation support of the ADB-funded Balochistan Water Resources Development Sector Project (BWRDSP) through national competitive bidding, Managing Director NESPAK Dr Tahir Masood said Wednesday.

The project will support implementation of integrated water resources management policy of the Government of Balochistan. The policy provides a comprehensive framework for the province to address the issues of water management and development in the context of basin approach, with water harvesting, and groundwater recharging as an integral part of watershed management.

The proposed project will address the issues of water management and will enhance agricultural production by construction of a dam (Siri Toi Dam) and rehabilitation/extension of 10 irrigation schemes in Zhob and Mula river basins.

The proposed project will construct and improve irrigation land of about 16,592 hectares and benefit about 42,900 farmers in the Balochistan province. The duration of the project is five years.

Meanwhile, a NESPAK-8.2 OZI JV was awarded NTDC’s contract for “Solar Water Pumping in Balochistan – A Feasibility Study.” As an initiative towards energy and agricultural sectors reforms in Balochistan, NTDC on behalf of Ministry of Energy (Power Division) has entrusted NESPAK led JV with the task to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study for Solarization of 10,000 tubewells located in various Districts of Balochistan.

The 5-month study will encompass a number of issues related to Balochistan endangering the sustainability of its eco-system. Major issues include depleting groundwater levels, inefficient irrigation practices, non-recovery of electricity bills from farmers, high transmission & distribution losses, increasing circular debt and subsidies being given to farmers by Governments of Pakistan and Balochistan.

The objective of the feasibility study will be to propose effective solutions that ascertain sustainability of Balochistan region while reducing losses being incurred to the national exchequer.— PRESS RELEASE