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Nawaz Sharif’s Health Condition Serious, Says Medical Report

The report of 10-member medical board on former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s health was submitted in Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday:


A division bench of the high court headed by Justice Ali Baqar Najafi hearing a petition filed by Shehbaz Sharif seeking his elder brother’s release on bail on health grounds.

Nawaz Sharif’s Health Condition:

“Nawaz Sharif’s health condition was improved last night but has further deteriorated now,” according to the medical report submitted by Dr. Mehmood Ayaz, the head of the medical board, in the court.

“Sharif is suffering from scores of diseases and his condition has deteriorated presently,” the report said.

Replying a question of the bench, Dr. Ayaz said that the board has not reached to any final conclusion with regard to complete medical treatment of the former prime minister nawaz sharif.

“His condition is precarious and his health will become stable when the platelets count will improve to 30,000. He could travel after the blood platelets count rises to 50,000,” the medical board head told the court.

“Will the NAB oppose the bail plea after doctors report,” the court asked. “The doctors are saying, his condition is critical, the NAB should clearly inform whether it will oppose the bail,” the court further said.

“If the doctors consider that he could not be treated in Pakistan, then there is no other way,” NAB prosecutor responded to the court.

The bench in the earlier hearing today demanded fresh medical report of the former prime minister from the government.

Dr. Mehmood Ayaz, appeared before the court and informed the bench that the bone marrow of the former prime minister was in working condition but the platelets count goes up and down.

Nawaz Sharif is a cardiac patient and having high level of cholesterol, Dr. Mehmood Ayaz said. He is also a diabetic patient and suffering from mental pressure, the doctor further said.

He is being provided the best medical aid and Dr. Shamsi has been called from Karachi due to the doctors’ strike in Lahore, Dr. Mehmood Ayaz told the court.—SOURCE ARY NEWS