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NAB Lahore Marks Int’l Anti-Corruption Day, Speakers Highlight Menace Spoiling Pakistani Society


LAHORE– National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Lahore organized an event at Expo Centre Lahore to mark International Anti-Corruption Day which is observed on every 9th of December.

Ms Mishal Malik graced the event as chief guest, whereas, Dr Hassan Askari Rizvi and renowned motivational speaker Syed Qasim Ali Shah participated as guest on stage.

The event was also attended by hundreds of participants from different sections of society including government officers, faculty of different Universities and the students.

Addressing the participants, Director General NAB Lahore Shahzad Saleem said that Kashmir has always been the aorta for us and this status will remain the same forever and NAB officers are the part of that voice which is being raised for the liberation of Kashmir.

He maintained that under the leadership of Chairman NAB Justice Javed Iqbal, NAB has been direly struggling to wipe out the menace of corruption from our beloved country.

He further stated that NAB’s anti-corruption drive keeps on continue throughout the year; it’s not like that NAB only organizes a ceremony at the end of the year to relinquish its role from anti-corruption drive.

NAB officers have been working day and night to stand culprits convicted by courts and this has caused restlessness to the corrupt elements.

He further stated that NAB has been working for the prosperity and development of the Nation while on the other hand; ill elements are busy increasing their assets multifold.

He advised that any innocent doesn’t need to be frightened by NAB because only corrupts are panicked of NAB. Whereas, fear of any regulatory Institution casts an apparent and also an internal effect over an individual at the same time and for this it can easily be assumed that only corrupts are fearful of NAB.

Adding to that, he said, in lieu of making Accountability watchdog more strengthen, we have been hearing whispers to clip powers of NAB.

At the occasion, he brought forth the comparative performance of NAB Lahore since its inception in 1999 to 2016 (17 yrs) with that of last three years since 2017 to till now, in which 500 percent increase has been noted in NAB Lahore’s overall performance and an increase of 700 percent in Housing Sector, only.

Since inception of NAB Lahore in 1999 till 2016, the Regional Bureau recovered Rs111 Billion, whereas, under the leadership of Justice Javed Iqbal, NAB Lahore shows performance worth Rs116Bn during last three years which shows an average performance of Rs39 Billion annually.

During past 17 years, Reference involving an amount of Rs 76 Billion were filed in Honorable Courts while since 2017 to date, NAB Lahore has filed References amounting to Rs55 Bn with an increase of 310% in this head.

From 1999 to 2016, Plea Bargain was held worth Rs14 Bn, whereas, since 2017 to till-date with an increase of 265 percent, NAB Lahore recovers Rs9 Billion as Plea Bargain.

Talking about the Indirect Recoveries, he said that Rs22 Billion were recovered in last 17 years and now under the leadership of current Chairman NAB, Rs 53 Billion have been recovered as an Indirect Recovery with an increase of 122 percent.

More than 54,000 affectess of Housing Sector have been benefitted in three years only, said Shahzad Saleem.

Talking about the working of NAB, DG NAB Lahore said that busting corrupts is not only the sole responsibility of NAB but Recovery of looted money from corrupt elements remains the right job of the Bureau.

Awareness and Prevention (A&P) Wing of NAB works to promote a sense of self-accountability among youth, so the youth may be stand accountable for their homes and society.

More than 1,823 Character Building Societies (CBS) have been formed, so far, among Students in 1100 Schools, 224 Colleges and 42 Universities of 21 Districts of Punjab.

He admired the Prosecution Wing of NAB by exclaiming 70% of conviction rate in Court Cases which has been the best ratio among all other anti-corruption bodies as NAB being the apex regulator of ongoing anti-corruption drive.

Chief Guest Mishal Malik stated that, a collective effort is needed in the way to wipe out corruption from country. She said, our conscience differentiates between good and bad for us; while honesty has been the biggest medal for human beings. Other guest speakers also spoke on ill-effects of corruption on society.

Guest speaker and DG NAB Lahore handed over cash prizes and appreciation certificates among students for their best performances in different competitions held by NAB Lahore and also to the Officers of NAB Lahore for their best performance during current year.

Painting exhibition was also organized.— PRESS RELEASE