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NAB Lahore Issues its Annual Performance Report 2020 With Certain Achievements


LAHORE– A spokesman for the National Accountability Bureaue (NAB) Lahore chapter has issued thorough comparative performance report comprising all actions and activities during year 2020.

Numerous milestones have been achieved during the year 2020 by NAB Lahore.  Moreover, a commitment to perform with excellence is also exerted through the report.

NAB Lahore received a total of 5,023 complaints during the year 2020 while by clearing the back-log of last year (2019) a sum of 9,024 complaints have been treated and completed. Currently, around 575 x Complaints are being under process in the Regional Bureau.

Talking about, Complaint Verifications (CVs), the Complaint Cell of NAB Lahore authorised 148 x CVs in total during 2020, whereas, a sum of 159 x CVs got completed during said year 2020. The Complaint Cell of NAB Lahore still treating 125 x Complaint Verifications (CVs) which would be finalised in due process of time.

NAB Investigation Teams launched 56 x Inquiries over corruption allegations during 2020 and by clearing the earlier ongoing Inquiries also completed a total of 59 x Inquiries. The Regional Board approved for upgrading 26 Inquiries into Investigation process. More to that, 163 x Inquiries are under probe till the end of year 2020.

During year 2020, NAB Lahore authorised 26 x Investigations while 7 x Investigations were closed down following non availability of concrete evidences. Into the bargain, 26 x Investigations were converted into References and 1 x Investigation ended with Plea Bargain (PB) with the accused. Moreover, NAB Combined Investigation Teams (CIT) are busy in investigating a total of 46 x Investigations till now.

Till the end of 2020, NAB Prosecution Wing filed 38 x References in Accountability Courts of Lahore but comparatively the amount involved in References filed during earlier 16 years (1999-2016) and the last three years under the current leadership of NAB, shows an abrupt increase of 286 percent, annually. The honorable Accountability Courts decided 100 x References while in 2019 total 38 References were decided by the Courts with a Conviction Rate of 70% whereas, NAB Lahore’s Prosecution teams remained successful in78% of References filed.

A total of 187 x Corruption References are still being under trial in Accountability Courts of Lahore.

NAB Lahore chapter showed 280 percent annual increase in Recovery from corrupt elements during last three (3) years in comparison with earlier 17 years (1999-2016).

The NAB Lahore held direct Recovery worth Rs 5604 Million from Corrupt elements during year 2020 while through In-Direct Recovery patterns Rs 23421 Million have been collected from dishonest elements. So far, during last three years NAB Lahore has shown annual increase of 945 percent in comparision with earlier 16 years.

NAB Lahore although, clarifies that the Bureau’s prime vision is to make “Pakistan a Corruption Free Country” and for achieving this goal; all constitutional and righteous ongoing activities would remain unstopped, as per law.

NAB Lahore is thoroughly committed to visualise the vision of “Accountability For All” which has been seen by Chairman NAB, Justice Javed Iqbal.— PRESS RELEASE