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NAB Lahore Claims 500% Jump in Corruption Scams’ Recovery in 3-Year Comparative Performance Report


LAHORE– The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Lahore has issued its three years comparative performance report in which the Regional Bureau demonstrates 700 percent increase in ‘recovery’ related with housing sector cases, whereas, 500 percent increase in recovery in all corruption scams.

The overall achievement has been made possible under the holistic leadership of Director General (DG), NAB Lahore Shahzad Saleem. The report pertains complete details related with Recoveries which has been made through Plea Bargain (PB), Indirect Recovery, Reference amounts in different corruption Scams and particularly in the cases related with Housing Sector.

Following the directions from Chairman NAB, Justice Javed Iqbal regarding utilization of maximum sources for Recovery in all ongoing cases and submission of the recovered money in government kitty, the Regional Bureau, Lahore has shown mega increase in collections from corrupt elements by successfully recovering Rs36,166 Million since 2017 to till date, whereas, Rs 4505 Million had been recovered during 1999 to 2016 in Housing Sector only. Moreover, since its inception in 1999 till 2016, the Regional Bureau could collect Rs 6549 Million in all Corruption Cases as overall Recovery which is increased to Rs38,927 Million during last three years.

Housing Sector References: Since formation of the Bureau in 1999 till 2016, References amounting to Rs76, 601 Million were filed in Accountability Courts while under the supervision of Shahzad Saleem, NAB Lahore filed Reference involving an amount of Rs49000 Million which shows a sharp annual increase of 265 percent in this head.

In-direct Recovery in Housing Sector:  An indirect recovery worth Rs 251Million was made between year 1999 to 2016, whereas, since 2017 to date Rs 53071 Million with an increase of 17,675 percent has been made by the Lahore Bureau.

Housing Sector Plea Bargains (PB): NAB Lahore had recovered Rs 350 Million through holding PBs in Housing related Cases during 17 years while the recovery inflates to Rs6427 Million during three year tenure which shows a swift annual increase in Recoveries of 10,100 percent which has been admitted by Chairman NAB, as a remarkable achievement of NAB Lahore during his recent visit at the Bureau.

Collective Recovery in Housing Sector: Comparing with last 17 years’ recovery of Rs 76, 601 Million the NAB Lahore has made an outclass figure of Rs108, 498 Million by facilitating more than 54,000 affectees in Housing Sector by providing Houses, plots and other possessions.

An overall comparative performance of NAB Lahore, since inception, can be maintained by that a sum of Rs 111,341 Million was recovered in all corruption scams being investigated from 1999 till 2016, whereas, the total recovery in all miscellaneous scam raised to Rs116, 782 Million in only three years duration.

Overall References’ amount: From formation of NAB in 1999, an amount worth Rs76,000 Million was involved by filing Corruption References in Accountability Courts till 2016 while NAB Lahore filed Corruption Reference involving amount worth Rs55, 000 Million since last three years which shows an annual increase of 310 percent.

More to that, during 17 years functioning by the Regional Bureau, it could collect Rs 21, 808 Million as an in-direct recovery whereas, under the leadership of Regional DG, the Bureau accumulates Rs 53, 071 Million with a mega increase of 1279 percent in this head.

NAB Lahore held Plea Bargain of Rs 13, 533 Million in 17 years in all corruption cases whereas, a sum of Rs 8,711 Million as recovered through PB since 2017 to till date which is the annual increase of 265 percent in Plea Bargain.

At this occasion, DG NAB Lahore Mr. Shahzad Saleem stated that NAB Lahore has been direly struggling to recover looted money from corrupt elements which has been being submitted in govt exchequer time to time.

He said, Chairman NAB, Justice Javed Iqbal has adopted the policy of “Case not Face” which will be pursued with letter and spirit. Recovery of hard earned money of general public, remains the top most priority of NAB Lahore in all scams.— PRESS RELEASE