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NAB Chief’s Production Warrants to be issued if He Fails to Appear in Senate, Warns Mandviwalla


By Our Web Desk

Senate Deputy Chairman Saleem Mandviwalla Sunday again vowed to summon the chairman of the National Account­ability Bureau (NAB) to the Senate to answer questions about the accountability watchdog’s alleged illegal actions.

Talking to reporters in Lahore, he said “production warrants” will be issued for the NAB chairman if he refuses to appear in the upper house.

After NAB froze more than three million shares of different companies registered in Mandviwala’s name with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) in connection with the fake accounts case last month, the Senate deputy chairman has vowed to expose the bureau internationally.

He earlier announced that a special session of the Senate will be requisitioned to take up a privilege motion that he has submitted against NAB Chairman Javed Iqbal.

On Sunday, he conceded that it was a “failure” on the part of political parties to not have amended the National Accountability Ordinance. He said businessmen had nothing to do with NAB but it issued notices to people for even selling a private plot or importing something.

“We must pass a law that whenever an allegation is levelled against a parliamentarian, they will be held accountable by the parliament,” he said.

Mandviwalla said all of the hearings of the Senate committee that will take up the issue will be transparent and will be held before the media in which all of NAB’s alleged wrongdoings will be discussed including “fake degrees, fake domiciles and assets beyond means” of the bureau’s officials.

Asked whether he believed that the Senate was “controlled”, Mandviwalla said he was proceeding in accordance with the rules and no one had stopped him from summoning anyone. “If somebody stops [me], they will violate the Constitution and rules of Senate,” he added.

He alleged that all government departments including the Federal Investigation Agency and Anti-Corruption Establishment were “following NAB’s directions” and had lost their independence.

“A NAB IO (investigation officer) goes to FIA and asks it to issue warrants for a person and arrest them. What is happening? This has become a banana republic.”

Mandviwalla had at a press conference on December 7 accused NAB of violating human rights and vowed to get it blacklisted internationally.

“I am going to approach every ambassador in Pakistan, every human rights committee of every parliament I know in the world to inform them about human rights violations being committed by NAB,” he had said, adding: “I will ensure that NAB is blacklisted internationally.”

The Senate deputy chairman had held a similar news conference on November 29 days after NAB informed an accountability court that it had frozen 3.1 million shares of different companies registered in the name of Mandviwala with the SECP in connection with the fake accounts case.