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Maulana Tariq Jameel Turns To YouTube To Address Conflict Between Pak Youtubers


LAHORE MIRROR(Monitoring Desk)–In a recent turn of events Maulana Tariq Jameel took to the internet to address the ongoing feud between popular You Tubers such as Sham Idrees, Ducky, Zaid Ali , Rahim Pardesi and Shahmeer.

Four days back, a video was uploaded on Maulana’s official You Tube channel titled ‘Stop Fighting|Message|Tariq Jameel| Ducky Bhai, Sham Idrees, Zaid Ali, Rahim Pardesi and Shahmir.’ It’s clear from title of the video that the Maulana’s aim was to address the ongoing war of jibes between the aforementioned social media sensations.

The video shows Maulana relaxing on a charpoi and trying to explain something to Zaid Ali who can be seen sitting right beside him. We can’t  hear what they are talking about but the narration in Maulana’s voice speaks about burying your differences and how peace is the only value that mankind should strive towards.

“We need to learn how to forgive and forget each other’s mistakes,” says the Maulana in the short video. “ Every human being is marred with errors and mistakes but as humans, it is our prime duty to forgive each other’s wrongdoings.”