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Mangoes in Lambo: Dubai Supermarket’s Offer


DUBAI–A supermarket in Dubai is delivering Mangoes at the doorsteps of its customers in a green Lamborghini, a Gulf news report has said.

“The king should travel like a king,” says Mohammad Jehanzeb, the managing director of the store at Dubai’s Pakistan Supermarket.

Mohammad Jehanzeb delivers the pulpy fruit himself and also takes the customers on a short ride in the luxury car.

In order to avail the offer rolled out on the Facebook page of the famous supermarket, customers are required to make a minimum order of Dh100, the Gulf News report said.

“The idea is to put a smile on people’s faces and make them feel special,” says Mr Jehanzeb.

The videos of delighted mango lovers, taking a joy ride in the car, are doing rounds over the internet.

“The joy ride was essentially meant for kids who have been sequestered at homes because of the coronavirus but adults are equally thrilled at the prospect of getting behind the wheels of my Lamborghini Huracan. I am happy to oblige them too,” Mr Jehanzeb said.

“Each order takes about an hour. We do about 7-8 home deliveries a day but are hoping to ramp up the numbers to 12,” he adds.

Arshad Khan, who hails from India’s Lucknow, said that his children were excited after hearing the roar of the Lamborghini outside their Falcon City villa.

“For someone who hails from Lucknow — the land of the famous dussheri and landga mangoes — I was a bit skeptical about the taste of Pakistani mangoes. I ordered them for the sheer experience of seeing them come to my place in a luxury supercar,” Gulf News quoted Mr Khan as saying.

“It was quite exhilarating and I must confess that the mangoes were as delicious as the ones back home,” he added.