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Machinery Seized From Turkish Companies is Ours, LWMC Says

-- The CEO says the company will clean Lahore on its own; Turks are our brothers but decisions have been made in best interest of public


By Our Web Team/Press Release

LAHORE– Police raided the premises of two Turkish waste management companies in Lahore on Monday night, seizing their equipment and forcing out employees, the companies stated in a press release.

The Turkish companies, Al Bayrak, and Ozpak Group began operations in Punjab in 2012 when they were awarded a contract for trash collection in Lahore and Rawalpindi by the then-provincial government. 

The companies said their contract had ended in February 2019 but was extended for nine months. It again expired in November last year.

However, on Monday, their workshops were raided by police officers without a “written notice or legal justification”.

“All equipment belonging to our company was seized and captured by force,” the press statement said, adding: “Our company employees and managers were forcibly thrown out from our workshop sites.”

It also claimed that photographs of the raid taken by employees and footage recorded by security cameras were “forcibly deleted”.

“We are extremely astonished [by] the tyranny in a great country like Pakistan,” the press release stated, adding: “It is hard to face against this kind of violence even in third world countries.”

For now, the companies insist they will file a criminal complaint against the management of the government-run Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC).

LWMC version

In response to the companies’ claim, the LWMC called the Turkish contractors “our brothers”.

It added that since the contract with the companies had ended, garbage collection in Lahore had been affected. Therefore, the LWMC decided to handle the administrative affairs of the companies’ workshops and use the machines on the field, an LWMC press release stated, quoting the CEO Imran Ali Sultan.

“As per our contract [with the Turkish companies], at the end of the contract, all the machines will belong to the LWMC,” the statement noted.

It further added that payments to the companies were made on time, and in the interest of the public the contracts had not been extended.

In fact, the LWMC announced that from now on it will take care of waste management in Lahore itself, and hire the employees of the Turkish companies.

LWMC CEO addresses media

At a press conference regarding current Zero Waste Operation and future operational model of the city CEO LWMC stated that LWMC has taken up the complete operation of the city.

He said that the international contract is going towards closure and department has learnt a lot from it and in future LWMC will ensure more transparent system so that local contractors can also participate.

LWMC has taken over the entire machinery in the best interest of public and the government, and to clear the entire backlog. As per the contract with the Turkish contractors, all the machinery at the end of the agreement is owned by LWMC.

Furthermore, according to the letter issued by NAB, this machinery will also remain with LWMC.

LWMC has made all the payment to the Turkish contractors as per forensic audit report and saved around 2 billion rupees. The department will ensure effective and exceptional cleanliness arrangements in the city and will clear the entire backlog before 25th December.

He further stated that “Over the past eight years, Turkish contractors have introduced us to modern sanitation systems and for that we are very thankful to them. He further added that maintain cleanliness in the city is our top most priority and in this regard company is using all possible means to ensure timely lifting of waste from the city, he added.

All officers/workers are serving dedicatedly to make zero waste operation goes successful. Speaking at the press conference, CEO LWMC said that in next 24 to 48 hours a visible difference in cleanliness of the city can be observed whereas no officer or worker will be going home till it ends successfully.

Furthermore, LWMC will hire all the workers of the Turkish contractors. He also stated that we would not sit contentedly until the completion of zero waste operation and all resources would be used to provide citizens clean environment. All team of LWMC is in the field despite anything.

He also added that citizens will not be disappointed and LWMC will complete its Zero Waste Operation before Christmas.