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LSA Gave Me Award For Udari, Find It Impossible to Criticize LSA: Ahsan Khan


LAHORE MIRROR (Monitoring Desk)–The latest celebrity to have weigh in on the ongoing Lux Style Awards controversy is Ahsan Khan.

Talking about several artists boycotting the awards for nominating an accused sexual harasser, Khan took to Instagram and shared, “People might have short memories but in this case I don’t,
I find it impossible to jump on to the bandwagon and criticise Lux Style Awards. The platform has always supported our industry.”

He continued, “They are the ones who gave me the best actor award when I worked in a play that highlighted the issue of child sexual abuse. They gave me a platform to talk about the lynching of Mishal Khan. And they gave me an opportunity to present a song about the harassment cause.”

He further added, “It is wrong to make a judgement on our own. It is not anyone’s place to do so but the judges. Let us trust our legal system and get off our high horses and stop condemning people based on accusations, conjecture and gossip. We should stop and now. And we should applaud the fact that Lux Style Awards did not take it upon itself to pass judgement on a subjudice matter.”

“Anybody can accuse anyone and without the courts it would be a lawless society,” he went on. “I highlighted a very sensitive issue in Udaari along with my producer and director. Lux Style Awards recognized our work and gave all of us awards for bringing an important issue to the forefront.”