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iPhone 15 Empowers Users with Battery Charging Percentage Control


LAHORE MIRROR — In its latest software update, Apple is rolling out a new feature for iPhone users aimed at enhancing battery longevity.

This feature allows users to cap their device’s charging at 80%, a level known to be more energy-efficient and less heat-producing compared to a full 100% charge.

The primary objective of this addition is to mitigate the risk of overheating and prolong the lifespan of the iPhone’s battery. However, some experts are advising users to stick with the existing “Optimized Battery Charging” feature instead. They argue that limiting charging to 80% may yield only marginal advantages while potentially restricting the phone’s access to its full battery capacity.

Ultimately, iPhone users now have the option to exercise greater control over their battery charging habits, with Apple’s latest update offering a new tool in the quest for prolonged battery health.