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Imran Wave: PTI Ahead Of Other Parties In Pre-Poll Surveys


Lahore: All exit poll surveys show that PTI has an upper hand in the
upcoming elections on July 25 but the jury is out whether it will
emerge as the single majority party to form a government on its own.

Apparently Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf is popular among
youth and educated population in the urban areas of the country and
seems set to secure a large number of seats in the National Assembly
but the fact remains that in the rural areas where most of the
country’s population resides the status quo powers still hold the sway
particularly in view of the fact illiteracy is rampant in these areas
and masses are not politically aware.

For example, in Lahore old city areas there are pockets of population
who are historically Muslim League supporters and come what may they
will vote for the party although basic amenities of life are still
absent there.  Then there is a section of population  which is often
is heard saying that they have nothing to do with the voting as this
is a useless exercise, for they do not have any immediate gain in
exchange for voting. Such people exist in a large majority in the
country whose brain can be easily be duped for a plate of Biryani.


Despite the fact that parties like PML N, PPP and ANP have never done
anything concrete for the people and the country is regressing in
every field of life including economy, healthcare facilities,
education, and housing, they still have large following. They made no investment in human capital, and unemployment is ever increasing. PML N in Punjab mainly concentrated on the projects of high visibility, ignoring basic needs like health, education, water, housing, etc.

The PPP led government before 2013 during its tenure of power promised
to eradicate the energy crisis but it did nothing and not only the
domestic but industrial life of the country also suffered the worst
ever time period from 2008 onward to 2013. Due to the reason the
country economy crippled as exports fell, imports shot up, forex
reserves fell, and circular debts climbed to over Rs 450 billion. The
PPP led government came to power, promising that it would bring the
country out of energy crisis but it failed miserably.

In 2013, PMLN government replaced the PPP and pledged to resolve most
of the country’s issues like in the first 100 days. It also promised
to resolve energy crisis and make the economy strong. But neither the
energy crisis was resolved nor the economy recovered. The country’s
circular debts accumulated to over Rs 1000 billion, forex reserve
declined to nearly nine billion dollars with the State Bank of
Pakistan, current account deficit escalated to over $12billion,
exports fell to dollars 17 billion, imports crossed $55billion mark
and so on.

The PMLN initiated many high visibility projects including Metro
Train, Orange Train, roads, ignoring the healthcare facilities; no
hospitals were constructed, no schools, colleges and universities were
set, unemployment aggravated, clean portable water became a distant
dream for the citizens instead major corruption scams came to the
surface in the housing, water, energy and other sectors.

Traditional parties like PML N and PPP have been grabbing power and
exploiting the country’s resources for their personal interests due to
the reason that most of the population is uneducated and illiterate.
People don’t have understanding about the system and they never
bothered to make right use of their vote thus usurpers and exploiters
always reigned them.

No wonder, in such a situation, the narrative of PTI under Imran Khan
has gained momentum and a vast majority of the educated class of the
country seems convinced to bring about a change after the 22 years of
long struggle of Khan. PTI chairman Imran Khan has mobilized the
country’s youth and educated class for a prosperous Pakistan where
basic needs including healthcare, education, employment and housing
will be provided and tax money will be utilized for the wellbeing of
the masses.

According to various pre-poll surveys, PTI may about 120-140 NA
seats. If it does not win a clear majority, it will have seek the
support of independents and other parties to form government both at
the centre and in the Punjab.