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IHC Asks Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to Make Final Decision on PUBG


ISLAMABAD– The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has sent a petition against the suspension of online game PUBG to the PTA.

Justice Aamer Farooq heard on Monday a petition filed by a man named Abdul Haseeb Nasir.

He said the PTA must make a final decision on the ban keeping in mind the law. It must mention the law according to which it accepts or rejects the request, he said.

Justice Farooq asked the PTA lawyer whether PUBG was a game or website. He replied that the PTA had suspended the link for the gaming application.

The judge asked why the PTA had decided to ban the game, to which he was told that the Lahore police had written the a letter about PUBG and its link to a number of suicides. We also got requests to block the game from parents.

Justice Farooq reminded the PTA that whatever it does must be according to the law. If you want to ban it, you must mention what law it violates, he said.

The court sent the petition to the PTA and disposed of it. The PTA will make a decision on the petition by July 8, the lawyer said.