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How Security Forces Foiled The PSX Attack In Karachi? Here Is The Story


KARACHI– All four terrorists who had attacked the building of the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi were killed by security forces within eight minutes.

Sindh Rangers DG Major General Omar Ahmed Bukhari told media that four terrorists had tried to enter the building but were shot down during an exchange of fire with police, Rangers and private security guards.

A policeman and two guards were martyred in the attack. Three policemen, two security guards and a stock exchange employee have been injured and shifted to a hospital.

“At 10:02am, four terrorists parked their car outside the PSX building and opened fire at the security guards on the outer barrier of the building’s entrance,” he said. “They fired six bullets and tried to enter the building.”

Two terrorists were killed at the entrance. A police officer was martyred during the fire exchange. Two other terrorists moved further towards the entrance but were shot dead before they could enter.

“The entire incident took place within eight minutes. The attack started at 10:02am and by 10:10am all four terrorists had been killed,” General Bukhari added.

The terrorist attempt was foiled by the officers of the Rangers, police and private security guards. They were ready and prepared for any emergency, he said.

He remarked that the anti-terrorist force of the Rangers and Rapid Response Force of the police reached the site within 10 minutes. “They cleared the building within the next 25 minutes [around 10:35am] so that the routine work at the PSX could resume.”

He revealed that the terrorists had planned to hold the building and its employees hostage as it was determined by the things they were carrying with themselves. “Their possessions included grenades, AK-47 guns, bullets and food items.”

The terrorist organisation Baloch Liberation Movement has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Major General Bukhari pointed out that the main objectives behind the attack were to hit Pakistan’s economy, to shatter the country’s international confidence and to disrupt the peace within the country. “We did not let any of their plans succeed and the stock exchange resumed its normal operation within an hour of the attack.”

Karachi police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon lauded the efforts of the officers, saying that they are the country’s pride. “The three officers who have been injured will be rewarded Rs2 million each,” Memon said. The injured men are out of danger.

“The martyred officer will be laid to rest after the Asr prayers with all the due credits and his family will be given monetary benefits,” he promised.