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‘Goods-Laden Containers Seizing Has Put Millions of Dollars Export Orders At Stake’


FAISALABAD– Massive seizing of export containers by the law-enforcement agencies has put millions of dollars export orders on stake.

Export shipments are not reaching the ports and vessels are sailing away without the consignment.

Non fulfillment of international commitments would lead to disputes, loss of customers & market share as well as damaging Pakistan’s image as a reliable supplier.

In a statement here on Saturday, Chairman Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA) Sohail Pasha expressed grave concern over high scale detention of export goods-laden containers by the law-enforcement agencies in different cities to block the main roads.

Giving details, he said that a large number of export shipments ready to be shipped have been confiscated to use as barrios against the agitators. As a result, truck and container companies have now been hold their remaining containers and trailers at their stations to avoid confiscation.

Fearing the cancellation of billions of rupees export orders, he said that a huge amount of export shipments ready to be shipped as per the deadline given by the foreign buyers, would not reach the ports in time and it will not only result in huge losses to the exporters, but also to the national exchequer.

Pakistan’s economy is in a dismal state and the country needs to enhance exports to boost revenues.

However, such disruptions in business activities can create a negative image of Pakistan among nations which import goods from the country, he said and added that such actions could dent exports owing to tough competition in global markets.

“We need round-the-clock facilitation by the Government so that we can dispatch international orders on time. Our global competitors are way ahead of us and the international buyers have alternative options to switch to other countries.”

Vice Chairman PTEA Haris Yousaf was of the view that the confiscation of containers carrying export goods is causing great trouble to the importers and exporters, halting trade and industrial activities, particularly in the upcountry.

He said that major share of country’s exports came from different parts of Punjab, part of which had now been suspended due to seizure of a large number of containers.

Resultantly, their LCs will expire and their export orders might be cancelled, he feared. We have no information about our export cargoes seized by the law-enforcement authorities; whereas there is no clue to the whereabouts of shipments on way to the harbor.

This situation has created immense problem as delay in export shipments would cause result in huge financial loss. He urged the Government to intervene immediately and resolve the issue as further delay would lead to lose our hard earned export contracts.–PRESS RELEASE