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GCU Organizes Webinar on Prevention of Sexual Harassment


LAHORE–The Government College University Lahore on Wednesday hosted a webinar on “Prevention of Sexual Harassment: Creating a safe and respectful work environment at GCU Lahore” to raise awareness among students and faculty members about the sexual harassment.

Punjab Ombudsperson Ms. Rukhsana Gillani and GCU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr Asghar Zaidi addressed the webinar which was moderated by Prof. Dr Faiza Shaif, a member of the GCU Anti-Harassment Committee.  The webinar was broadcasted LIVE on social media.

Speaking on occasion, Ms. Rukhsana Gillani said with the increase in awareness, more and more women are finding the courage to report cases of harassment for action. She said that they had taken information and help from forensic laboratory, telephone exchange, cybercrime cell and other departments in different cases to decide the complaints on merit. She accepted that it’s not necessary that man was guilty all the time.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi said that GCU has a zero tolerance for sexual harassment, and any  complaint can be submitted using the Vice Chancellor portal on the University website where the  identity of complainants are fully protected.

Prof. Zaidi said that GCU has an Anti-Harassment Committee but in some cases, where the University need external data/support, they could request the Punjab Ombudsperson for investigation. He directed that the definition of harassment should be pasted on information boards in all departments of GCU.   He also announced three focal persons on sexual harassment in the University.

Prof. Faiza Sharif requested the Punjab Ombudsperson to arrange a training for the members of Universities’ harassment committees–PRESS RELEASE